Country/Bluegrass night at the Bliss.. March 28th

Howdy All,

2 Acres Plowed has teamed up with the Pinetop Surgeons to bring Country and Bluegrass to Taipei this March.

Best of all, no cover charge and some free 2 steppin… Can’t beat that for a Friday Night!!!

Bluegrass!?! Wow - I am already scouting for a date!
Actually, I love bluegrass enough that I’ll be there regardless!

Come alone and we’ll do our best to find someone for you to Scoot and boogy with…

During our last show at Bliss the dance floor in front of the stage was full with folks dancing and enjoying some stomping country tunes–some dancing alone :banana: --but most of them were gals having fun and just waiting for some country lovin gentlemen to join them for a twirl! :smiley:

So, I’m sure if you can’t find a date who loves to swing, twirl and kick those heals–or just plain dance–drag yourself along (and whoever else wants to join you)
and comon down and enjoy some good old stompin country and bluegrass music :serenade: :whistle: AND I’m sure you’ll find a lovely lady or two there who will love to dance! :laughing: YeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaa! :bravo:

And ladies, if you love county and bluegrass music AND you want to try something “NEW” and learn how to country 2-step dance (Which is a lot of fun), I’m going to give some quick country 2-steppin dance lessons during the show b[/b]! AND if you think that’s fun, eventually we’re going to offer some country line dancing lessons in the future–try to get it going and maybe even start a new dancing trend in Taipei!! Which I think the taiwanese folk–especially gals–would get into and enjoy! :dance:

Hope to see ya all there! :moo:

Great show, guys!
Thanks, it was good fun.