Couple of electric guitars for sale


Hey all, thinking of upgrading my guitar. But to do that I have sell these old friends.
First up is my late 70s Epiphone Scroll SC-450. I’ve had it for 40 years, only a couple dings from over the decades, and it’s still all original. It’s very versatile with a coil-tap to go with its humbuckers. The fretboard is long, a little narrow compared to my Fender, and incredibly playable. It was made in the legendary Matsumoku factory in Japan and considered a vintage guitar. You can see its versatility if you do a youtube search. I’m asking NT$30,000 which includes hard case and a choice of amps.

My number 2 is a 1995 Fender MiM Stratocaster. Its all original as well and in excellent condition. Its neck is also very good and plays fast. I’ll take NT$20,000 for it. It also has a hardcase and a choice of amps. It’s black with white pickguard and maple neck.

I’m open to good offers for each. The amps in the photos are a Peavey Rage 158 from the 1990s and a late 1970s Yamaha Thirty112.