Couple of issues

Couple of issues.

Firstly, the ludicrously titled “100,00 Child prositiutes in Taiwan” appears to need a new thread as it simply won’t open on previous pages. I’d suggest changing that title to something else as there is quite a volume of watches on it (200 in as many hours). I think the current title could draw the wrong crowd as it were, this is especially pertinent given the amount of scurrilous bullshit being bandied about by a certain poster, who in my opinion at least, should be banned. Having said that, i think the modding to date has been superb. Hats off!


Secondly, I can’t seem to log in from my home PC. It’s a new computer loaded up with the crap from my previous PC. For some reason I have a tough time opening pages - things time out, or logging on. In fact I haven’t been able to log on for the past 24 hours.

I’m no geek, but I suspect it’s a cookie thang, any ideas? How to fix it?



Yeah, I can’t get in to see what other gems the strident ignoramus has come up with. The thread needs to be closed and a “part II” one opened.

Done. :slight_smile: Sorry about the tech glitches. We’ll try to get those ironed out.

How about the thread witches? Can we stretch 'em on the rack, or burn 'em at the stake?

Hey! Lookit up there! Tigerman done come up with a whole new Intarweb category. Now we have Noobs, Trolls and Thread Witches.
We need an emoticon!

Many thanks Maoman.

As for Tigerman, I;m sure there’s been a thousand headlines boldly screaching “from deadhead to tech head”.


[quote=“sandman”]Thread Witches.
We need an emoticon![/quote]

A shit-stirring witch DB. That’s even better. :laughing:

It’s only a matter of time now before there’s an official rule in place stating: "It is against the rules to call another poster a thread witch.