Courier / removal company reviews

Since the mandate of Greater Forumosa is to serve those moving in and mostly out of Taiwan, it might be useful to future migrants to recommend courier / removal companies we’ve used.

Air Action. China / Taiwan.

If you want to move stuff between China and Taiwan, do NOT use Air Action couriers. Next time I will simply destroy all my possessions myself and save myself the time and their fee.

Despite packing my stuff very carefully into their boxes, half of it arrived smashed beyond recognition. I suspect someone has very carefully checked each box to see how much G force would be needed to break the contents and then adjusted the height from which they dropped them. The only items to survive the trip were clothes, being a bit harder to actually break. Most of my 27 boxes were squashed almost flat and over half had exploded been taped ‘shut’ again. Kind of. :unamused:

Actually, I’m suspicious that the ‘air freight’ costs may have been reduced by avoiding actually landing the plane, and just tossing the stuff from the plane as it passed over the courier’s car park. I very much doubt any parachutes were used for the drop. Or it could be they have a square-bored supergun to fire the cartons across the Strait.

Unbelievable. :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:

Duly Noted and very sorry to hear that.

Squashed flat? Did you get insurance? Otherwise the IATA rate is like peanuts per KG

I always use Crown Van Lines (not Crown) in and out of Taiwan. Bubble, wrap, box and then crate if not a full container (LCL, not FCL). Even them some turkey put a forkift tine through the stereo of a buddy (serves him for trying to get free passage).