Courtesy Visa?

Any one have any information on Courtesy Visas? I have searched but can’t really find any detailed info on how to obtain and the requirements. My specific situation is related to advanced technology that is not currently available in Taiwan, but is eagerly wanted by the folks in very high positions in Taiwan. However, without my assistance this technology will not make it to Taiwan’s shores for quite a few years. I have an appointment with lawyers next week regarding these questions, but am wondering if I can get any assistance from any of you guys/gals since I trust your info far greater than some lawyer who simply wants a big check.

Courtesy visas are issued at the discretion of the issuing authority, so I don’t think a lawyer will be able to help you – its not a legal issue.
You say your gadget is wanted by high-level Taiwanese people, so it is THEY you should be asking – perhaps they have the connections to get you this kind of visa. Otherwise, why can’t you just arrive on a regular landing or tourist visa?

Or as a consultant.

Well I am not sure if that is the correct visa, but it was mentioned to me previously. Basically, I lived in Taiwan for many years, but business called me back to the States, and then immediately after business lured me back to Taiwan. So now I will need to come back to Taiwan for 1-2 years to see out the details of the contracts and the training, etc. However, I do not plan on staying here long term so I do not want to go through the hassle of setting up a rep office or subsidary. and I am not being hired so there is no one to offer me a work permit.

I’ve considered staying on my Visitors Visa (5-year, Multi-entry) however it is for visiting family only. I was dealing with the publicly owned companies in the past so there was no issue, however now I will be working directly with the government, its agencies and the military. I must be careful…

Is the business Visa the only option for me? And if it is the only option, is it true that it has to be extended every thirty days? Due to the circumstances this will be difficult at times.

I really appreciate any advice you guys/gals can give! I am speaking with an evil lawyer next week, hence not much trust there, and I have lived in Taiwan long enough to take anything the Immigration Offices tell me with a grain of salt. AND I really trust a lot of the non-biased information I read on here. Thanks :notworthy:

If you have specialist skills not available in Taiwan then I guess you are talking about the academic & business travel card.
It is valid for a 3 year period, allows you to undertake work other than employment - consultancy, training, business etc.
Each stay in Taiwan is limited to 30 days, which means a plane trip to Hong Kong , or elsewhere, and back every 30 days, although you can apply for an extension beyond 30 days in some cases.
BUT if you already hold another visa e.g. 5 year multi-entry, in that case you can enter with your business card and then stay for the duration of stay on that visa - if its longer than 30 days.
See the immigration deptartments info here: … .asp?id=19

see paragraph No. 5 for details about using your existing visa in conjunction with a business travel card.

Thanks! That is exactly what I am looking for, and I found out last night that getting a referral letter from the government will be no issue. So that is a hassle that I am able to avoid. :bravo: