COVID-19 Booster Shots in Taiwan

I’m curious, would they issue me a yellow card if I showed them my US CDC and Ontario vaccine cards?

How does that work?

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I don’t know. But I do know that for Taiwan’s newly launched digital vaccination certificate, it can only account for vaccines administered in Taiwan.


I prefer paper anyways. I don’t like having personal info like that on my smartphone.

It’s just…the Ontario one is massive.

And carrying three cards seems to be a bit excessive.

I had my booster in Taipei last week. I had my first two doses in Cali.

They issued me with the yellow paper card and also wrote the jabs I had in the states on them. When I went to apply for the international Covid passport, I was told only the booster I had in Taiwan could be listed, and the same applied for the online digital certificate.

So now I have white cdc card with first two jabs.
American digital Covid proof of first two
Taiwanese yellow paper with all three
International Covid passport with just the booster
Taiwan digital Covid certificate of booster only.


Lovely! Now you’re at 5 proofs.

I appreciate you sharing your experience.


Update on my original question: I just got my booster shot yesterday at the local 衛生所 in Su’ao Yilan. It turned out they needed the dates and vaccine batch numbers of the first two shots in order to book me up in the local system for the third.
I am still in the process of getting my ARC, but I had an ARC number already since it’s not the first time I come to Taiwan on a resident’s (spouse) visa. They took the number from my Taiwan health insurance card (gotten during a previous trip, useless for now till I spend 180 days in Taiwan).


Congratulations! Did they administer Moderna or some other vaccine type?


They gave me a choice, I went with BNT pfizer, like my previous two shots.

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I want to know about this too. I had AZ here before anyone wanted it, then Pfizer in the US.

I’m gonna guess that your AZ shot will be counted but not the BNT in the app, but the yellow card likely will have both.

Based on what was said above.

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Put it in a manila folder to carry around.

I don’t think it matters where you got Shot #1 and #2 as long as its against the same NHI / ARC Number.

In my case, the official address on my ARC is in Neihu (Taipei City) but we live at Yingge (New Taipei).

Shot #1 was back in July at En Chu Kong Hospital in Sanxia (NTC) and booking was via their reservation system (1922 didn’t exist then). #2 was in October at the EXPO site in Taipei, booked via the Taipei City Site. I was wondering if that might cause drama for the digital certificate but all was OK and I downloaded the Certificate on the first day.

As it stands at present, the Taiwan Digital Certificate only includes vaccinations in Taiwan. Some countries can add ‘foreign’ vaccinations into the online vaccination records if you are a resident or citizen in that country once you show them the evidence (presumably in person), but I have the digital one saved on my phone, and my laptop (and backed up in the cloud!!) and will get a paper copy as well, so I am happy with what I have.


Has anyone else used the new Taipei City (?) system to register for a booster shot?

It apparently launched on Monday:

I registered today, but haven’t received any confirmation message. Instead, during registration it showed an error that the “name cannot be empty”, but then still proceeded to show success. Not sure if that means I’m now actually booked or not :thinking:

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No, I have not used the Xinbei platform, so I’m of no help here.

But I do wonder why the 1922 national platform has been paused, and instead we’re left with a patchwork of apparently little used municipal platforms. I get that there is very low uptake now, but this seems to make things harder, not easier, for some of the reasons you mentioned.

Meanwhile, Mayor Ko has been lamenting the low usage of the Taipei City online registration platform. As of a couple of days ago, only around 500 of the approximately 100,000 Taipei residents currently eligible for a booster have used this municipal platform to register.

Source: Ko urges Taipei residents to sign up for booster shots - Taipei Times



For starters, having “opening times” on a website might be one of the reasons… :roll_eyes:

Also, no English version. And the foreign community is probably overly represented in the people who are eligible for a booster.


Is that the case with the Taipei City platform? If so, I’m not surprised, as these are the guys who made HOUSEHOLD REGISTRY the starting point for vaccine registration back in the day, because of course the international community here has HOUSEHOLD REGISTRATION. :rant:


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with Taipei city one, what does this mean (in regards to booking at hospital instead)

“Those who want to be vaccinated with AZ/high-end vaccines”

What counts as a “high-end” vaccine? Like I’d have thought Pfizer/Moderna would be classed as high-end.

I think that means Medigen.


As mentioned above, this is referring to the Medigen vaccine. You must have used some machine translation. Medigen is “高端” in Chinese, which literally means “high end.”



Yes, I google translated it to English.

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