COVID-19 Booster Shots in Taiwan

Are there any restrictions (on public activity) for people who didn’t get their 3rd vaccine shot yet?

Are you 18 and over? Did you get your second shot 84 or more days ago? If so, you’re eligible now to get the Moderna bivalent booster, or a Novavax booster if you prefer a more traditional vaccine.

If you are younger than 18, then other shots will be available for you, but not the Moderna bivalent shot, which is authorized for people 18 and up only.

Some more details here:


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Sorry I meant any restrictions on public activity (edited my original post to clarify). Thanks for this info though

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Got it.

There are currently a number of specific restrictions that may or may not apply to your situation. Examples: without three shots, no quarantine-free entry into Japan should you wish to go there; no chance to attend university classes if one of your university contacts tests positive. It really depends on who you are and what you wish to do. Just wandering the streets however there are no restrictions I am aware of based on vaccination status.



Mentioned in another thread, this news about boosters is relevant here too:

These “updated” vaccines are the bivalent boosters approved in and produced for the US, not the ones already being administered in Taiwan. The updated version—scheduled to arrive some time in November—will be made available to persons 12 and up (the currently available ones are only authorized for persons 18 and up).



Things have come a long way with the availability of Vaccines in Taiwan, remember the early days when things were looking rather dire. Now there is more than you can poke the proverbial stick at.


I predict they will get easier and easier to buy. Supply and demand and all that

Where can foreigners book a covid booster shot without a resident visa / certificate? And can they do so for free?

Is this in Taiwan? I wanted to know more but couldn’t find anything online about the rule
Actually I think it’s changed to 0+7 now for all close contacts regardless of vaccination status

Good question. When I went in Taiwan they asked for my NHI card.

Try directly with the local hospitals and clinics. Like, NTUH website, lots of empty slots.

I’m sorry, I can’t find the booking page on NTUH? And I’m outside Taiwan so I can’t ask directly :sweat_smile:

If you’re outside of Taiwan, can’t you get a booster where you are now?


Oh just click on the general booking for all specialists. It pops up first.

Regarding my experience:
Booking was easy. I had to wait for Novavax to be available but booking it was a breeze. There were mostly young folk getting the shot -probably need it for travel, Japan here we come!- but there was an elderly man getting a fifth shot. :eek: Oh and there was a handsome hairy local, huge, built like a linebacker, in tight tight shorts…sigh…

I was so happy to get the shot I wanted I guess I did not expect it to kick me in the most indelicate manner. The nurse told me to rest and drink a lot of water. Oh boy. It wasn’t enough. I basically ticked off all normal side effects except nausea/vomiting. Headache, muscle pain, joint pain…I got it.

Good news is my skin condition is receding. I can feel it. It is no longer itchy or scaly. Hope it fades away for a while!

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Thanks for sharing your experience. Gosh, sounds like the vaccine took you on a wild ride! Hope you’re feeling yourself soon

Did you need to show any ID like NHI / ARC / Immigration ID number when getting your vaccine?
And why did you want to get Novavax?

Hope your skin gets a break :slight_smile:

I had to show my NHI card and my little yellow booklet, which is the one that has the records of my shots. You also need to fill out a consent form which asks questions like allergies, previous conditions, pregnancy, etc.

I always have a reaction to the vaccine. This time was unexpected because I thought Novavax was like Medigen. They are based on the same tech. That’s why I wanted it. I had very mild symptoms after Medigen and was able to work without feeling like an elephant has stepped on me.

My skin problem is a chronic condition related to the immune system. There is anecdotal evidence as to many people’s conditions receding after getting vaccinated and such is my experience. I wish there was more research on how the vaccine affects the immune system. I personally think it acts as a decoy and gives my overactive system something useful to do instead of attacking my own body.

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I had Booster #3 (ie shot #5) at the Taipei Arena this morning. The Moderna BIV 4/5 one. All good, 10am appointment, but from previous observations I just rocked up and joined the line just before 9am, waited about 10 mins to get to the front, and was done and out by 09:30 . No after effects.


It’ll kick in when you wake up tomorrow morning, at least that’s what happened to me. I also had the next gen Moderna. Very unpleasant for an entire day. Staying in bed was all I could do. Took a pain reliever, which helped some. The next day, I was all better. Weird.

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I have had some “Heavy Arm” in the day after the previous 4 shots. Partner had no effects from the same vaccination a few weeks ago. Time will tell I guess.


After 25 hours, nothing at all, not even a dose of “Heavy Arm”. I seem to avoid side effects from vaccinations, the most I have even had has been “Heavy Arm” and pretty moderate at that.