COVID-19 Booster Shots in Taiwan

Just to report on my Moderna XBB.1.5 jab 12 days ago.

It was the worst effect of any of my covid shots.

The following two days my body was terribly achy all over and just tired and wanted to lay in bed.

Previous shots relatively little.

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On the bright side, you’re protected from a disease that could make you terribly achy all over and just tired and wanting to lay in bed. For a couple of weeks anyway.

FWIW the only person I know who got a Moderna shot said that it scared the crap out of them because of how bad they felt afterwards.

How did it compare to COVID for you, overall? I don’t know how many times you’ve had the plague now?

After this experience, do you plan to continue with the boosters in the future? As I understand, you’re pretty young (?).

The first one was worst for me, the second not so bad, and the third somewhere in between. Aaand that’s when I bailed out of the racket, shortly before catching COVID anyway. That was 18 months ago. If I’ve had it again since then, I didn’t notice it. :man_shrugging:

And less chance of dying if I end up in a hospital.

I’m just at a loss to understand why anyone still thinks this is a possibility in the first place. AFAIK virtually nobody under 70 has “died of COVID” in the last few months, despite very few people having been “boosted”. Do you take as much care over your risks of getting run over or having a heart attack, which are several orders of magnitude more important at your age?

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I have not had covid to my knowledge and nothing that would even resemble symptoms.

I had lung issues a very young child still affects me to this day plus reduced Airways breathing so I’m really always cautious about anything that affects my lungs or breathing, that’s why I go for the shots.

That’s surprising! I thought you would have had it at least a couple of times now, given that you seem to be going out and traveling around a lot!

Yeah I was out almost nightly during the pandemic and then I was traveling to LA and Vegas and Mexico and Philippines and other and fully expected I don’t know.

That could be because covid has 99.6% zero or mild symptoms. You could certainly have had the zero symptom kind. High probability.