Covid-19 Research Thread

Good luck getting it. I certianlly won’t be getting an experimental vaccine that’s based on aborted baby fetus cells.

Ok, good luck with that, I did tell you there are over 32 in advanced trials so you might be able to take your pick.

Having been in 3 different countries in the past 6 months. I can see Taiwanese are probably the worst at social distancing. The MRT is standing room only. Buses are packed. Restaurants, 7-11’s and markets are packed most people aren’t wearing masks.

If the virus did get hold in Taiwan it would spread much faster than other countries. That’s my point.

The only thing Taiwan did correctly is border controls early.

That’s not true. They did about 122 things to get it right, some of them many years ago. The outcome was effective border control and quarantine systems along with effective communication and buy-in from the masses. Also people knew to wear masks which definitely reduces the transmission rates when the virus was floating around. Border control is no use without effective quarantine- Victoria State in Australia…read up about it!! Total disaster.

All of the leading vaccine candidates are using cell lines from aborted human babies. The chance of other ethically developed candidates (that don’t use aborted human fetus cells) succeeding is very slim.

It’s a total disaster because of political reasons. Nothing more.

That’s your prerogative as a religious person, it’s not our general concern.

Who is ‘our’?

No, it’s a disaster because they didn’t manage the quarantine system well and they let it run rampant. For you to say ‘it’s political’ means what? The rest of Australia is almost virus free and living well. There’s no need for them to weaken their health system , cause many unneccessary deaths and increase their social distancing requirements by letting the epidemic take off in the rest of Australia. What’s your solution?
Non containment? Not much of a solution is it.

Non’ pro-life’ people. Who are the majority. Generally it’s not our concern . Even in countries with many pro-lifers many will get the vaccine anyway.

Because the laws have been changed to imprison people in their own homes and make everyday activity illegal. Politicians did that, not the virus.

440 people die every day in Australia on average. 0.5 people are dying daily in Victoria Australia. Most of them are very elderly. That’s hardly a “disaster” as you put it.

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It’s a disaster because now they have a lockdown that was unneccessary.
They won’t be able to reintegrate with the rest of Australia until they have that shit under control.
What’s your solution for them to reintegrate with the rest of Australia economically?
You think the other Aussies will allow Victorians into their state?
No chance. Nothing to do with the poltiicians, it’s the regular punters choice.

Not sure you are the majority. But thanks for clearing up your position, It puts everything you say in perspective.

It’s the majority in Taiwan, what are you talking about?
Check the statistics on abortion and come back to me.
You are a typical judgmental fundamentalist American Christian I guess, I come from a very ‘Christian’ country and 99% of those people will be taking the vaccine whatever the religion. They have more common sense .

I meant the world.

We are done here.


All of you? Or just you?

Bye, bye.

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Following the majority doesn’t equate to being correct.

So you speak for 99% of a ‘Christian’ country. Do you have polls to back this up? I’ve seen polls from ‘Christian’ countries. COVID-19 vaccine supporters are somewhere from 50% to 70%. Almost certainly a majority, but that’s never been an indication of correctness.

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I checked. There is a high abortion rate in Taiwan. However having an abortion doesn’t automatically make someone pro-abortion. It’s also no indication whether they remained pro-abortion. So there are flaws in your assumption.

Show me some independent research showing pro-abortion is the majority sentiment in Taiwan.

I think the two things are more similar than dissimilar. I think “pro-abortion” typically tends to mean something more like “supporting people having access to safe abortions if they consider them necessary” than “abortions are fantastic, everyone should get one, ten out of ten, definitely recommend”.

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