Covid-19 Research Thread

I wasn’t referring to “abortions are fantastic”. I doubt there’s anyone in that category. If there are, I’m sure they’d almost certainly be an insignificant minority.

I meant that just because someone once had an abortion it doesn’t mean they are automatically “supporting people having access to safe abortions”. And even if they were once supporters, it may not represent their current view.

I don’t know if @Brianjones statement is correct that non ‘pro-lifers’ are the majority here in Taiwan. But the logic for making that statement wasn’t backed by anything remotely convincing.

Except the stats say otherwise in Taiwan, abortion being absolutely rampant for over forty years. You don’t get to make up your own facts just because you don’t like them. You want to create another thread on this irrelevant topic go right ahead to get your religious nuts off. This right here is about covid research.


Still not presenting any convincing evidence or facts to support your position.

I’d be happy to discuss this elsewhere. You directed the topic toward this direction, not me.

I never mentioned religion. Is this another baseless assumption?

Oxford vaccine was temporary halted after a female test subject came down with Transverse myelitis which is a very rare disease caused by viral infections. I think the test resumed this week?

Pfizer claims they will know if their vaccine works by October.

Both Pfizer and Oxford claims their vaccine will be available to the public by the end of the year.

I’m not too optimistic though…

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This is gradually gaining traction. Masks reduce the initial viral load so people contract the virus but it’s more likely to be asymptomatic or less damaging. Might partly explain why more people are getting infected but mortality rates are falling.

We’re gradually moving towards an acceptance of herd immunity without praying for a vaccine using horribly damaging lockdown techniques to buy time. Taiwan could be in a tricky situation if a workable vaccine doesn’t materialise.

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Is it a UCSF scientific study or article? The only match I could find on the UCSF site was this:

Which was an article written by a UCSF “web writer”.

Note: I’m not saying masks are ineffective. I just would have liked to read the UCSF study.

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I don’t think there’s any research on it at the moment. There was something about cruise ships having 80% asymptomatic when masks were mandatory as opposed to 20% previously. Give me a bit of time to look it up, but it does seem logical.

EDIT: No, I can’t find any actual research results.

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Check the mask thread. Some posts about research on mask use there.

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This one maybe? It is a perspective article, not a research article.


Meanwhile in Taiwan:



Lancet could publish shit papers. Just saying.
No opinion on the vaccine paper.

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About the Chang Gung University kit mentioned above: the Focus Taiwan story indicated that the researchers emphasized speed but provided no details about accuracy.


Now I’m confused about the efficacy of masks. Do they really stop COVID-19, or are they simply to ‘make people feel safe’?

You need to give your opinion not just post stuff you found on Facebook . Also that’s not a research video, that’s somebody moaning about 'evil corporations '.


My opinion is the guy in the video is more qualified than you. Also what’s with the COVID-19 gate-keeping?

Didn’t watch the full videos so I am not sure of the points we are focusing on. But the Fauci interview was in March, a time when less was known about transmission and PPE was in short supply, so the emphasis was on protecting front-line workers.

The second MD mentioned that, yeah, maybe some old and sick people are dying early and didn’t seem overly bothered. But isn’t a central reason for civilization to protect those who can’t protect themselves? Either way, not sure how these videos relate to research. PubMed is usually better than 60 minutes for medical research. :slight_smile:

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It’s the covid RESEARCH thread.
What’s up with your understanding ?

So are you saying Fauci lied to the American people when he said the following?

  • “People should not be walking around with a mask”
  • “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask”
  • “Wearing a mask might make people ‘feel’ a little better”
  • “It’s not providing the perfect protection people think it does”

Now that we know COVID-19 almost exclusively kills the sick and elderly with one or more comorbidities. Wouldn’t protecting those vulnerable people be best served by isolating them from the general population and allowing the rest of civilization to function? What’s happening now is insanity and is sacrificing the many for the few.

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Are your previous two posts COVID-19 research? They sound more like gatekeeping.