COVID-19 Testing

Yesh, getting a rapid cpivd test is getting complicated. Screenshot_20210321-143046_Drive|243x500 .

Has anyone gone through the process yet?

i’m going for a covid test in taiwan on tuesday (to get out of quarantine) and had 2 in canada in order to fly here (1st flight cancelled). so far, nothing complicated about it…

Could you explain the process? It seems you need an application, supporting documentation showing legitimate travel, and you will need to make an appointment at a designated test site for an expedited test.

Fyi, to me it seems complicated. In the US, you just need to show up at a test site with an ID.

canada: fill in a form online when scheduling, pay online in advance of the test, show up for a swab, get emailed the results

the taiwan process: my employer texted me with a date and time, and told me a driver would pick me up at the hotel and i should take 6000nt cash for the test. i’m bringing my passport just in case, and i assume i will have to fill in a form at the hospital. i can tell you more on tuesday afternoon…

If I have to go through all this red tape just to get a PCR test before travelling outside of Taiwan, then my employer better renew my contract because I will have to refuse to leave until this is all over.

Not to mention the Canadian travel restrictions. I will not go to Canada and pay C$2,000 just to spend 3 nights in a hotel to wait for the on-arrival PCR test results there.

Trying to get a Covid 19 test at a hospital is a pain. Im in my second hour of waiting despite having an appointment and following directions to arrive an hour early. Apparently only a doctor can perform a covid pcr test… and the only available doctor right now is busy with another matter.

So, the process really is to fill out the application, make an appointment at one of the designated hospitals, bring your passport and flight information to the hospital, fill out additional hosptial paperwork, pay an inflated amount of money (costs vary), wait for the Covid test. Thereafter, you will need to come back to the hospital with the appropriate ID to pick up paperwork.

My experience at the Shuang Ho Hospital was good - no appointment, and in and out in 15 minutes. I did have to go back the next day to pick up the report though.


Nice information here.

And here’s the list where I found a hospital near where I live:

My question is related to the timing. You need the result 72 hours before departure. Does that mean the test needs to be taken within this 72 hour window, or just that the results need to be picked up within this window? The former of course makes more sense but I’m not 100 percent sure.

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