😷 COVID - [2021] "Good" Quarantine experiences / hotel reviews / ratings / recommendations?

I don’t believe there is a direct Doha to Taipei flight (Qatar does not fly to Taiwan). If you plan to change in Hong Kong note that Qatar was again banned from HKG just yesterday so its not a very safe routing. Turkish airlines thru Istanbul is a better option from Athens or KLM through AMS or CI though Germany.

To quarantine together as a family we had to apply for an exception. For us the hotel told it needs to be a medical reason. We got a doctors note for a minor health issue, nobody ever checked it.

We were unable to find anything cheap available with space so the room is expensive. Start your search early.

Sounds like another kind of government facility to me, a jail. I agree with quarantines in keeping things manageable here but this sounds draconian to me. How is getting a pizza delivered and dropped off outside of your door going to spread virus? Never mind cracking a beer that you brought in with you at the start? It’s a hotel room not a hospital.

Exactly, most people are alone. Are they afraid of party noises?

True enough, but for the vast majority I think it would take the edge off of being so isolated.

Aren’t they delivering three meals a day to the rooms? Even if there’s no hand
off, if the bien dongs started piling up outside the door that would indicate something’s up.

In reality you would think they would see it as a profit opportunity by limiting orders from the hotel menu only. But, as they’re making a killing off of this anyway maybe not.

I think, given the amount of smokers in Taiwan, that they should be accommodated somehow with a top floor balcony or something. I mean, they want to encourage quarantines, right?

What’s next? No porn on the TV? No sugar? 1984-style telescreen exercises?


When I first checked into the Amba Zhongshan, it was level 3 and no food deliveries were allowed. Strangely enough, they allowed grocery deliveries so I bought salad stuff and fruit.
They did allow ordering from their hotel menu, but after trying some of their in-house prepared bentos, I decided against it.
One night, they fed me a baked potato and two ears of corn with bizarre sauces. Twice they delivered chicken and waffles which is their signature dish. The chicken was heavily breaded and greasy. They waffle was like a piece of bread or a croissant that had been smashed in a waffle iron
Getting a call to inform about meal delivery becomes a highlight of your day to see what has been chosen for you. Then, you open the box and feel bad. There were a few days that I didn’t open any boxes to avoid that feeling. Straight to the trash.
90% of the food was thrown into the trash because the quantity was gigantic and greasy. Getting a salad or fruit was cause for a celebration.
They had a mini coffee pot that uses pods and delivered cases of water, coffee when requested.
They also quit sending sugary drinks when requested.


:rofl: Completely understand. Sad for you though. You were lucky you could get those grocery deliveries.

Oh, coffee! I hadn’t thought of that. I’m really dependent on a cup of strong, black coffee in the morning. What if you had two weeks of bad coffee with no delivery options.

Twnfinn, you are right. Yesterday I checked Qatar and indeed there is no direct flight. I had the impression it did (usually I was flying KHH-HKG-DOH, that is why I am not that familiar with TPE flights).
We are checking Turkish as you say, most convenient route and schedule actually. We have flown before, all good.

As for the exception, may I ask you, the doctor’s note was in English (i guess) and did it need to be a) from a public hospital b) officially translated in Chinese and/or to be stamped from the Taiwan’s Rep. Office in you home country?
This doc’s note is checked by the hotel or the authorities in Taiwan airport? I read it in other sites as well that it is the hotel that decides/asks for this kind of docs to assess whether a couple stays together or not.
If i do not get too personal, may I ask what was the minor health issue your doctor noted?

Yes, we realize that we will need to pay a lot for a bigger room. We check for rural hotels to minimize the cost.

Thanks a lot

My wife handled it. Note was from her Taiwan doctor. Won’t go into medical details but essentially all the doctor said is that it would be easier for us to be together. This is the same process as for example if you partner had a broken leg and couldn’t walk and needed your support. Or was elderly or pregnant or what ever but it doesn’t have to be serious and it doesn’t seem like anybody really cares (as they should not, It’s a silly requirement for families)

Being in this Jail for me the important things would be in order

  1. As much Space as possible. multiple rooms would be the best.
  2. Able to order Uber eats (groceries, food), We refused the hotel food (got a discount) and I think it was good call. Uber eats works great. Location in regards to this also. In the grand scheme of things it makes no difference where the hotel actually is as long as there are good services close by. Hence downtowns of large cities are best.
  3. Good bed.
  4. Office table and chair (if you plan to work as I do)
  5. Natural light. Would really suck if there was not good windows at all.
    6… I would pay extra for exercise equipment but was unable to talk the hotel into it and they refused having me ship my own Bike and bike trainer here (our room would have the space)

Things that worked well for us 7 year old so far are puzzles, nerf guns and coloring books. And of course an insane amount of YouTube.

Good luck. it sucks, there is no other way of putting it.


Thanks, that is very helpful anyways.
The points to consider about room/food are exactly the ones we are checking. Thanks for confirming.

As I mentioned in another post. We were first in a centralised facility and later moved for free to a nice hotel. Will update later on the details but desperatly complaining everyday was the key for us.

As far as I know communism never ruled in Taiwan. I suppose you mean the KTM dictatorship.

I’m coming back to Taipei in a few days, and I’m dreading the quarantine and wondering now why I’m coming back… Logically I know that I’ll be happy once the quarantine is over and I’m back in my own apartment. I also understand why Taiwan has quarantine (although i wish I could stay in my own place) but I also can’t help but be angry about having to stay in a hotel for 15 days when I am fully vaccinated, wear a mask everywhere and am really careful with what I do. Yes, I realize that vaccinated people can still get infected and no I’m not mad at Taiwan, but I’m… Irritated. Anxious. Worried.


Anyone have issues with roaches at all either at hotel or government facility? I hate roaches, got some in my apartment before and forever had difficulty sleeping there afterwards.

Quarantine at our own apartment would be much less stressful, comfortable, and cheap. But you’ll get through it just fine.
I agree with quarantine and even more with testing. At our low numbers, it’s not reasonable but those are the rules today.
The hotel owners will be very vocal to lobby against any changes.
My husband is going to start quarantine in a few days here and he’s driving me batty. I can feel his stress.


I stayed here and had a balcony. Probably the best experience anyone could ask for in quarantine. Balcony was covered with grass and a tree that the birds visited every morning. Was not cheap though.

We all quarantined together last year but our kids are small. We had a friend check with the Taipei city government and they would allow for small children.

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Yes I don’t disagree with the quarantine in Taiwan. It’s the rule, so I’ll follow it if I want to come back. but that doesn’t mean I have to like it :wink:

I’ve read conflicting reports about whether APRC holders are eligible for a subsidy, anyone know anything about this? My hotel lists a price for Taiwanese and another one for foreigners, and they told me that despite having an APRC, I have to pay the foreigners price, which I find slightly annoying since I’ve paid taxes in Taiwan for the past nine years, it’s not like I’m just some random “foreigner.” when I get to Taipei I plan to call the cdc and ask. Some people I’ve spoken to with aprc said their hotel gave them a subsidy . it doesn’t seem to make sense that hotels can just decide whether to give a subsidy or not.


I wish you good luck attempting to express this concept to Taiwanese authorities. :sweat_smile:


I was unaware that Les Suites Taipei Ching Cheng had rooms with balconies. Are you sure it was this particular hotel? It doesn’t say anything about balconies online. If so, would greatly appreciate it if you could post a link. Which room type did you book?

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Haha, yeah, well it’ll be a way to pass the time, I suppose. Seriously, I don’t mind if I’m not eligible (well i do, but I’ll accept it) but I do mind that other aprc holders seem to have gotten it. it shouldn’t be up to the hotel to follow government rules (if indeed the subsidy exists, I’m still confused about it).


The only subsidy that I know about is a salary subsidy for missed work days.


Agree with you. There shouldn’t be different rates. I’d send them your APRC and then call the government.
They person who called to check on me a few times was knowledgeable and friendly. They may be a good resource to get this corrected.


I’m positive this is where we stayed. I looked online and it was a deluxe suite, but I think there is only one room like it in the whole hotel. We negotiated because again small children…and not cheap.

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At boutique seems to be ok. The room is very small but they aren’t removing the beer from my husband’s care packages. They also are delivering right away.
This was the lunch they provided today.