😷 COVID - [2021] "Good" Quarantine experiences / hotel reviews / ratings / recommendations?

That is a piss take.

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I was surprised by how difficult it was to have my 17 year old son share the room with me in quarantine at the hotel. Tainan was the only city of 5 we called nearby from Miali on down to Kaohsiung that allowed it. I would like to share my review here below. https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g13808400-d6385731-r807634943-Prince_Hotel-West_Central_District_Tainan.html?m=19905


Great review. Love it when service is good, more important than facilities for me.

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I stayed at a place called YOUR HOTEL in Wanhua. It wasn’t bad. The room was big enough to move around and do some exercise and had a large window that didn’t open. They allow deliveries for no extra fee. You can pay less per night to exclude their meals and just order for delivery.


I am surprised that they have a quarantine hotel very close to where the Wanhua teahouses are… :open_mouth:


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Another win for the AT boutique hotel. I delivered some fresh hot tortillas, chicken and beans. They delivered to my hubby ASAP and it was still steaming hot.
The Amba Songshan had a nicer room but they didn’t take care of me like the AT Boutique. AT boutique is 1600 less.


Wow that sounds good. Can you come deliver some to me :wink: haha. (my breakfast this morning was a sandwich with peanut butter AND ham AND cheese AND mayonnaise. WTF? it went straight into the garbage. Who eats that?


Did it also have a fried egg? Sounds like those ready-made sandwiches the brunch places sell.

Take a picture of the sandwich inside the garbage can and send it to the hotel’s Line account. Also with your wonderful sentence “WTF, who eats that?”. And then say you are starving and feel dizzy because the lack of eatable food.
Maybe they give you an upgrade to a suite with butler and private chef.

No fried egg. I’ve never seen a sandwich with both peanut butter and mayonnaise at those places.

Not sure if this is sarcastic or not. I already told them I don’t want the food, they said they have to send it. So I asked for bigger garbage bags so that I can throw it all away.

It is not sarcastic. I complained a lot, they upgraded from quarantine goverment facility to a nice hotel.
It’s a psychological war. I think when they can’t stand the suffering they are inflicting on you anymore, they improve your situation. The butler and chef part was just an exaggeration, of course. But you sure can get better food.

Send me a PM! If you’re in Taipei, I’ll drop it by. That sandwich sounds so gross.


I don’t know in which thread should I share this picture.
It’s scary.


It was a reply to a reporters question, if there are plans to extend the quarantine to 21 days and do 5 tests. He simply answered they will discuss it.


As far as I’m concerned, Taiwan jumped the shark when it started forcibly isolating people who aren’t actually sick. Even entertaining the idea of increasing what basically amounts to a jail sentence from 14 to 21 days is more than enough reason for me to start planning my exit. All signs are pointing to Taiwan getting batshit crazy soon.


That’s the problem. He could have said “21 is too much, we will never do that here”. Instead, he let the door open to this possibility.


He is not the one to decide single-handedly during a presser.