COVID - Airport pickup and covid taxi

The pickup for “friends” and “family” means anyone in reality. Most of the pickup cars are actually driver services, meaning not taxis but companies that offer airport pickup and dropoff services. Ie Black VW transporter vans with a driver. We use this service as well (we get free pickup / drop off as a credit card bonus, for Taichung makes it easy). Driver had no problem also stopping at seven for some shopping and bathroom brakes on the way.

You can also walk to the car park if you want (since you can now drive your self also) but the pickup area is very convenient. Btw you can also smoke without a mask at the pickup area together with the airport security guards and employees in white bunny suits that help people go to the right place. Just walk all the way to the end, its seems to be the dedicated employee smoking area. Very useful first to spray alcohol on the floors for an hour and then go have a smoke and chat with the quarantine arrivals. The whole thing is so useless.

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Ride from TPE back to Taipei…

Yes. TPE is the airport, and Taipei is the city. Very important distinction, and a real-life example of why the two are not interchangeable :joy:

I am not sure about taxi, but you can certainly do it in your own car. I just did it last week. My wife and daughter were returning to Taiwan. I drove my car to the airport, picked them up and brought them home. No problems at all.

are you allowed to enter the arrivals hall and wait?or you wait outside the building ?

What the hell are you talking about? You do realize the virus has already breeched the border right?

You can park your car directly outside exits 14 to 16 ( in case of Terminal 1 arrivals).

Enter through #14 and you will find a waiting area immediately to the left. You can wait for them there.

P.S. Nobody cares anymore. I picked up my wife and daughter and drove them to Kaohsiung. Instead of 4 hours we took 6 hours. I made multiple rest stops for food etc.

I dropped them home and went to stay at a cheap hotel for 3 days. No one ever came to check on them. If I had stayed home with them, no one would have known. At this point, it all seems like meaningless exercise.

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Then why are we still making inbound travelers quarantine? It’s not about whether the virus has breached the border. It’s about the quantity of the virus.

Thats a great help, thank you so much!

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But from Oct 13 there is no quarantine. Sry I’m only talking about that point in time.

But quantity? Have you seen the quantity of cases we have every day? It’s a 300 to one ratio.

Ok I misunderstood you.

According to this graphic, circulating in another COVID post here, public transportation is allowed during self health management, provided you have no symptoms.

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The first two bullet points seem to contradict each other. Have you been on any public transport where you could maintain social distancing? :joy:

Yes they do. But people still need to get to work, and they are getting to work. Many using public transportation.

Three years in Taiwan and I don’t think anyones managed to social distance yet. Maybe on bath night…