Covid and the Insanity

Has anyone in Taiwan been following Alex Berenson? He has written small pamphlets on the Covid Insanity and has just published a book “Plandemic”
If you are interested in the science and data he writes his stuff on


I don’t bother reading berenson personally because IMO there are better sources of information, but I know he comes up with the occasional scoop. I tend to follow statisticians, doctors, people like that. It’s not a question of authority but knowledge - you need at least a bit of relevant background to make sense of what you’re looking at, and berenson has dropped a few clangers because although he’d spotted something interesting, he’d skated over the details.

I doubt any Chinese speakers follow him. I know a few people who have misgivings about what’s going on, but they keep quiet, and the majority assume that generalissimo Chen knows what he’s talking about.

Have you had a look at the humbug thread? Its Forumosa’s clearing bank for covid-related bullshit :slight_smile:

LOL. A journalist flinging poo at a journalist he disagrees with, and being wrong in the process.

In the U.K. and Israel, hospitalizations have fallen by at least 70 percent since mid-January, and they remain low

Well yeah. In the UK at least, they fell to a low level well before any significant vaccine coverage had been achieved. And then hospitalizations and deaths skyrocketed as vaccination coverage was extended to people with no medical need. It’s a bit hard to tell if there was a cause-and-effect going on there, but it’s not impossible; and there is certainly no decrease in mortality attributable to vaccines, as several researchers have pointed out. But hey, it’s a good thing we have journalists to tell scientists they’re wrong :grin:

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