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So far, I have received a total of 3 job offers in Canada. I also got a chance to renew my contract here in Taiwan. However, I had to make a very tough decision this week to decide not to renew my contract here in Taiwan. The reason is because right now, Canada is opening up while Taiwan right now is closing up because of the big spike in the number of COVID-19 cases. Plus I refuse to take the AstraZeneca Vaccine here in Taiwan, so therefore I will return to Canada unvaccinated. If the hotel stay is going to be abolished by mid-July, even better.

I got 3 job offers in Canada. One is for 5 days a week in Northern Quebec, one is a supply teaching position in Southern Ontario where I am from, and one in British Columbia. If I move to British Columbia, I will have to struggle with making rent to pay, if I take the job in Southern Ontario, I can live at my father’s house, but I won’t have 5 days a week for work guaranteed. If I move to Northern Quebec, they will provide me a place to live and I will pay a very cheap amount of money for subsidized rent that included utilities. So the ball is in my court.

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Quebec. Save the money and if electricity is subsidized, set up a desktop with a nice gaming card and start mining cryptocurrencies (does not have to be Bitcoin; others can make you a few hundred bucks a month).

That’s exactly it. If you have the means to leave Taiwan right now, it’d be foolish to stay.

You’d be surprised how cheap non-coastal US/Canada is. Very reasonable to spend two months over there while Taiwan sorts itself out.

I just don’t want to be around a bunch of people that think its necessary to wear a mask outside while socially distant.

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1- Taiwan
2- Quebec
3- Ontario
4- BC
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You’ll fit right in.

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Not cool to selectively quote someone.

The science backs this statement up. You can argue that TW’s stupid rules are necessary because there are too many stupid people who won’t be able to figure out when they should wear a mask outdoors, but that doesn’t say much about TW, does it?

Also, as far as your snide “you’ll fit right in” comment, I’m in the SF area right now and the compliance with indoor mask wearing and social distancing here is way higher than it was in TW since late 2020. I haven’t had a single person come and breathe on my neck while in line either.

The world’s changed, my friend. TW isn’t the pinnacle of COVID excellence anymore.

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You’re not “my friend.”

And you will also note that San Francisco is not in Canada.

But please carry on.


It’s an expression, my friend.

You shouldn’t be so mean to Canada. In a short while, TW might be hitting Canada up for some vaccine donations too.

But yeah, keep being condescending to everyone outside of TW as if nothing has changed. TW numba 1.

social science or psychology should be taken into account.

And what’s that say?

Telling people they can’t go out for a solitary (socially distant) walk without wearing a mask is a good way to cause mask fatigue and make people question all the rules.

A few of my friends from Taiwan went back to British Columbia to ride this thing out. They are about 1 hour outside of Vancouver and they say things are 80% normal. You need to wear a mask when indoors, but that will change on July 1. While some people are critics of the government’s approach, everyone says that BC had the most reasonable take that balanced preventative measures and personal liberty and as a result they didn’t do a lockdown like Ontario all the while maintaining a reasonable case count.

All the while Taiwan is insisting that people wear masks outdoors. When they are alone. What sense does this make? Covid isn’t really “novel” anymore; it’s been around for a year. There should be established SOPs in place that were developed from observing the best and the worst in the world’s response to Covid-19 during the last year. But of course not, the government is just making things up as they go along and all the while everyone is buying into following everything they say without question (my favorite is going on Taiwan Twitter and watching the usual people defend this).

Speaking of which, you don’t think that the racism in Maioli county, where they are locking SEAs into their dorms like slaves, isn’t a product of the general public’s blind acceptance of authoritarianism?

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I don’t see the logic to say the rasism is a product of the general public’s blind acceptance of authoritarianism. Care to explain?

Sure. The government is perpetuating the idea that they are full of disease and dirty to play on racist elements in society, when in reality the reason we are at this point is because of a whorehouse staffed with geriatric Taiwanese.

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Yes, that is true. It’s actually that company that is doing that, not the Taiwanese government. There are people who have handled the COVID-19 situation in ways that are barbaric such as using racial scapegoating. That’s what happened in China, and this is what resulted in the #StopAsianHate movement in North America.

Gaming, no thanks.
Even if the hydro is included I would rather save up that
extra energy to keep my booty warm in winter.

The company is doing it, but has the Taiwanese government objected?

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