Covid Close Contact & Contact of Close Contact ~ What am I supposed to do or not to do? ~ May 2022

There’s all types of posts about covid but I don’t see an answer to my problem, here goes;

Received a group line message last night from my kids elementary school saying that one of the kids in their class had just pcr tested positive however that kid had taken Thursday and Friday off (apparently out of caution as a neighbor was positive). There are literally hundreds of messages back and forth in the group as no one seems to know what we are supposed to do and the responsible government department is off at the weekend, so here goes;

  1. My kids school was already off this coming week due to more than 10 covid cases in an elementary school, so he will not be in school however can he go outside? Mix with us in the house? He’s apparently a close contact but we’ve had no official notice about quarantine or testing (don’t have any test kits anyway). The kid we think is positive is not a friend of his and sits more than 3 rows behind in class.

  2. Can I go to the office tomorrow?! I’m a close contact of a close contact I guess, can I go out in public? Go to work in the office? Again I’ve no official notification.

I’ve tried 1922 however have not been able to get through, tried the CDC website however it’s unclear and the rules for a lot of things change today anyway.

Whole thing is a mess, considering just forgetting I seen the messages which were obviously all in Chinese anyway and go about business as normal until officially notified. None of us show any symptoms however we have no test kits. We’re in New Taipei City.

Anyone go through the same thing recently?

If I understand the rules correctly, if your child’s classmate is a positive case, your child does not need to do 3+4 (3 days quarantine and 4 days self health management) as of today. Your child only needs to undergo 7 days of self health management (starting on last day of contact), which includes rapid testing everyday they want to go outside. You, as a close contact of a close contact need do nothing.

Whether your child can go to school whilst under 7 days self health management, I am not sure. It used to be, no they couldn’t, but that might have changed. Ultimately the school will tell you whether they can go in or not. Even if not required by government, the school can still decide themselves to suspend in person class if they feel it is the best move.

Please see for confirmation:

As always, I may be wrong. Call 1922 if unsure.


You won’t get an official notice to quarantine anymore from the government, even if you are required to quarantine AFAIK. My colleague who tested positive on PCR yesterday was told she should notify her close contacts herself.


Some of the key details latest amendments are discussed here (posted last night; rules effective starting today Sunday May 8):



After you select an option on the first audio menu, you need to press 2 when promoted every few minutes otherwise it will auto hang up. Keep doing so for about ten minutes and you should get through.

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I’m not going to bother doing this to be honest! Thank you for the input though.

Thanks, still pretty much clear as mud! Looks like my kid who is the close contact of a confirmed case does not need to quarantine and their last contact with the infected was last Wednesday, school is off this week anyway so he seems good. Problem is “After the three-day period, the contact should take a COVID-19 rapid test every other day for the next four days, he said.”, we don’t have any test kits and everywhere around is naturally sold out so scratch that. They’re not back in school till next Monday so that’s a good 10 days after contact.

For myself I’m fully boosted and only a contact of a close contact so it seems I don’t have to do anything and can go to the office tomorrow.

Thanks all for the inputs. The school sent some 20 point BS on the whole thing which I can’t figure out and giving by the responses to it from a lot of the parents they can’t figure it out either. Surely it wouldn’t be difficult to put together a simple flow chart for this whole thing!

Perfect, thanks!

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