😷 COVID - Do you support implementing vaccine passports?

The voting is anonymous and this top one is regarding international travel.

Do you support implementing vaccine passports
  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t know/Not sure

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For international travel, sure.


I was thinking about that, I guess I can make one for domestic movements and separate them.

Not before the vaccine is available for anyone who wants it.

Do you support implementing them for domestic movements?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure/Don’t know

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I’ll be Pfizered up by the 18th of this month. Unless I/m missing something I don’t see how vaccine passports disadvantage anyone. Either way if you’re not yet vaccinated you’ll still have to quarantine for 14 days in Taiwan and won’t be able to travel to some countries. If the vaccinated only have to quarantine for seven days in Taiwan that makes quarantine facilities more available. If they’re able to travel to other countries sooner and things go well that will give those countries confidence to open up further.

Once the vaccine is readily available to all, then absolutely yes. For certain it should be required for international flights. It should also be required for crowded public places (concerts, restaurants, offices, public transportation).

Not vaccinated? Get vaccinated. (Unless you have a valid medical reason for not being able to). Then once the pandemic is over, we can finally go back to normal. The pandemic, after all, is temporary.

By the way, I don’t like the term “vaccine passport”. It’s not a passport; it’s just a card showing you have been vaccinated.


Germany has something similar, an Impfausweis where any vaccination the holder got is written in. It’s purpose is providing information for doctors and hospitals wether the holder has been vaccinated i.e. against measles or not and if the vaccination is recent. The healthcare system is not centralised like here in the so I think it’s kinda useful. But except the name, birthday and maybe the blood type, there’s not much personal information in it. Almost no one writes their address on it. The biggest argument against it is that the darn thing never can’t be found when needed :rofl:


Campaign poster for measles vaccination, playing on the fact that almost noone knows where their vaccine passport is from 2017

I would not be so sure about ‘getting back to normal’.
Take a look at this current app in Saudi Arabia. Do you think it will be removed once things are ‘back to normal’?

If it is for international travel, they could stick a sticker in your passport, almost like a visa. If you don’t have a passport, then you don’t need the vaccination sticker…

Not sure if this was posted already, but the US CDC just released guidance on what vaccinated people “can do.” Includes travel without testing or quarantine.


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As long as they don’t place a microchip into my body, I would take the vaccine passport. But I think it’s better if my COVID vaccination was stamped into my passport so that way it would be easier for them to see it rather than carry two documents.

Good idea.

I voted don’t know because I am afraid of not being able to travel due to Taiwan crap vaccine arrangements.

But otherwise I might have voted Yes.

It will be very difficult to standardise vaccine passports. The EU will gave some green passport scheme or something .

No, for all sorts of reasons, some scientific and some philosophical. I’m truly surprised how many people support the ongoing government obsession with COVID-19 and the accompanying destruction of every civilized ideal that we’ve painstakingly developed over the past few hundred years. The idea of restricting domestic movements, in particular, is in direct contravention of the UN Declaration of Human Rights. What’s the point in anybody signing all this high-falutin’ verbiage if, when push comes to shove, it means nothing?

As I’ve remarked before, I think Western culture is lying dead in a ditch, and there are a lot of people lining up to spit on the corpse. Ten years from now I suspect they’re going to regret their unquestioning acceptance of all this.


This isn’t just government but related to personal and business liability .
For instance airlines…Cruise ships…Train operators…Resorts…Schools…Hotels…Festivals.
Who is liable if they get sued ? Do they have a duty to screen for danger and also protect their staff and customers ?
It gets complicated pretty fast.

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I’ve no idea. Who is liable is a ship sinks in bad weather? There are various legal principles that govern ‘acts of God’ so that people aren’t being sued left right and centre for things that are fundamentally outside of their control.

Vaccine passports do not ‘screen for danger’, at least not with any degree of reliability. Believing that they do is plain old superstition. To what degree do we need to safeguard people from every improbable incident that might befall them?

My question is, if the vaccine doesn’t stop a vaccinated person from contracting the Coronavirus or from passing it on. Taiwan would still need quarantine for people arriving.

So what is the passport for?

Edit/ Sorry Brian, I replied to you but didn’t mean that question aimed at you.


But who will pay the insurance premiums for the added risk ?
Will passengers boards ships where half the passengers are unvaccinated?
Do the staff have a right to not work then , or should be required to vaccinate and then work otherwise they will be a risk ?
This is why you need some kind of record of vaccination .