COVID - End of quarantine ETA in Taiwan? (POLL)

When do you think the quarantine in Taiwan will be lifted ( if not for everyone at least for vaxxed ones)?

  • September 2021
  • December 2021
  • May 2022
  • December 2022
  • 2023 and beyond

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Nothing doing until we are 70% vaxxed, and doubled dosed at that. 32 million single doses, so Dec 2022.

This is the proper way to engineer expectations, as I learned from a Chinese supervisor back in the US

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Sounds about right.

The ten million , possible 15 million doses of BNT will get us nearly half way there.

but yeah, even at one million per week, thats stil 32 weeks.

Quarantining incoming travelers probably a year from now when countries TRULY have their shit together. But I think they’ll first loosen how tight it is in phases. So summer 2022 I’ll say.

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Quarantine might be shorter in 12 to 18 month if Taiwan improves testing.

Hehehe, good one!

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Maybe December 2022 is realistic now?

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What’s the current requirement (in terms of days) for quarantine?

I think 0+7 is within the next month. Fingers crossed.


That’s just when cold and flu season is peaking and mask usage is way down. If all the variants in circulation are kittens, maybe.

I have seen a handful of hospitals with positive cases forced to wait in direct contact, without signage, with public entrance ways now.

not sure how long this farce will last, but it seems clear it won’t end until the fad has died off :frowning: how long that takes is up to the paranoid and hypochondriacsb it seems. clearly the “authorities” aren’t giving 2 shits anymore.

to think I had so much hope in the beginning for taiwans abilities so far as sars is concerned.

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Well, apart from welding people into their homes, there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s there, and most people are going to get it.
What do you want them to do?

Clearer messaging would help.

I think the authorities are just trying to figure out how we can live with omicron without crashing the health system. We’ll see how this goes . . .


If it hasn’t crashed yet, it isn’t going to crash. This isn’t fucking Somalia.


If by “next month” you mean August 2022, this adjustment does not seem to be in the cards:

the quarantine rule for all arrivals will remain in place throughout August, mandating three days of quarantine followed by four days of self-initiated epidemic prevention, according to [Victor] Wang [(王必勝), head of the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC)].




王必勝 = “Must-Win” Wang.
Welcome to your new nickname. A bit better than “Clock” Chen, though it gives somewhat a sense of urgency. Like, you better “win” over this stupid thing that’s been nagging us for the last 2 years and nearly 8 months as quickly as possible, or your name becomes 王不勝利 = “No-Win” Wang.
The clock is ticking… [did I just type that?]

“By next month”, I meant in a month, so for beginning of September - this has got to end already.

I will admit I am being self-serving here; we hope to be able to come in October or so.

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My purpose in responding to your post was to point out what the authorities in Taiwan are saying, not what we want them to say. :neutral_face:


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