COVID entry requirements for Latin America Thread

Brazil requires a PCR test within 72 hours of embarkment. 24 hours for an antigen test.

I’m not flying until two days later, but the nurse (or whatever she is) here in Bogotá fudged the date of my antigen test for me.

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Comforting to know this epidemic is so serious that fudging numbers is still so incredibly easy and yet they have forced most people into compliance everywhere else it seems. Long live cluster fucks and non seriousness i guess…



Weird attitudes prevail since getting killed by a bullet is as likely as dying from COVID - probably higher but can’t tell- and disinformation is rampant in spite of having deaths in most families. Treatment is basically aspirin and prayers. And in Latin America we are great at “it is God’s will” and inevitability of death. Churches spewing the plague as the end of days so give up your worldly possessions kind of thing.

Brazil government official line is this is a hoax, does not exist, we comply with appearances if it makes you come here. Heil the Fuhrer, death to poor people. Rape the jungle, baby.

Travel has always been an elitist thing. Tourists remain in their bubble -LOL kidding- and it is assumed they have money for proper treatment … back where they came from.

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