COVID - Finland | Affordable PCR test in Finland

Does anyone know how to get an affordable PCR test in Finland?

Romania requires a negative test now, and I’ll be flying in from Finland.

Last year I got one at the airport and it cost me about 200 Euro. If Finland wasn’t so good to me overall I would’ve been pissed.

PCR test for travel to Romania |


Are U.S. citizens permitted to enter? Yes.
Is a negative COVID-19 test (PCR and/or serology) required for entry? No.
Regulations continue to change so before traveling to Romania, please consult your airline as well as the Embassy of Romania in Washington, D.C. (here) or in the country of your departure for entry requirements

Have you tried asking in PornHub comments section?

That would be my first choice, with Forumosa second


Why? :thinking:

Why ask here?


Lot of foreigners here, many of them Europeans with travel experience in Europe? Lot of people here willing to share helpful information. Forumosa isn’t a bad place to ask. I’d probably check the Finish health department or immigration agency too, but PornHub? Unless… you are seeking advice about PCR test requirements for entering Finnish saunas…



In Finland, they are mostly to relax and warm up and not as you implying as some foreigners think

I used them before for a more flight pcr test. At least back then they did drive thru method quickly.

Thanks. Turns out the requirements for Romania wa outdated. They don’t require anything now.

In humor, as newbie did not get it at first

Nice clinic at a low cost, I paid more when I left Taiwan and I thought paid less at 5000, nt$