COVID Humbug! (2022 edition)

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A doctor posted this:

Good to see this on UK TV.
When the government ‘Online Harms Bill’ is pushed through, to regulate through Ofcom (run by ex BBC gophers), anything the government doesn’t like or threatens the corporates, they will want to stop the likes of this:

Features analysis from Mark Steyn covering official UK stats on boostaz.

How will those that dislike the WHO but revere the likes of Gates, Fauci and other creatures who will back the WHO treaty to the hilt, cope?

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That’s a very good first-person view of things. I notice he makes the same point I did a while ago - if you include people you know at one remove, you have a social circle which is very large, and you can get a reasonable understanding of exactly how prevalent vaccine side effects are. Of course if you’re a doctor you’ll know a lot more people directly or indirectly.

How anyone can read this sort of thing and declare that the vaccines are “safe and effective” is beyond me. I assume they deal with that problem by just not reading anything that contradicts CNN.

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I dunno if leaders being vaccinated is fake. I don’t think it is. But I can tell you for sure that people in power are certainly not being put into quarantines or facilities or expected to follow the same measures as you and I. In fact, one of the reasons I caught covid in Ukraine is because I worked with a family member of some oligarch type who was jetsetting around while the rest of us were living in lockdown. Chilling in Dubai, first to get a vaccine as well, seeing his mistress, etc. You know the authorities in Taiwan are not following the same precautions as you or anyone else there.
The changes they have made to your freedom to criticize and speak out about governments management of the situation should also be very alarming.


There was a Dutch politician who was spotted getting something like 6 shots (photos with different clothes) when most people were at 2, iirc. (Didn’t dig deeper – I suppose he could have been getting non-covid shots too and photo-opping them for whatever reason.)

There was a certain other political couple spotted getting one-handed injections. Technically possible, right? :rainbow:

But yeah, most of them are probably real, and even the staged ones may be re-enactments of real events.

I think most of the second-tier leaders and influencers genuinely believe their own BS and get repeatedly jabbed. I bet Chen Shi Zhong is first in the queue when there’s a “time for your Nth booster!” announcement.

During the height of the last 2 years, there was or is a service where charted jets could be hired for a discount. Those jets had dropped off the rich and were returning to their original location. As they were empty, people could jump on for the return journey for a discount. No C19 border nonsense for those using that service.
I know someone in Taiwan who has all his ‘jabs’ up to date but, has never been near a needle.
He is not rich or has influence in anything happening in Taiwan.
I would imagine there are thousands more like that.

Remember when this would be seen as a conspiracy?
The WEF gophers in governments obviously back it.
WHO pandemic treaty coming to a place near you.

Still beating the virus, year after year…

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