COVID Humbug! (2022 edition)

Of course not. Read it again. He’s saying governments are dangerous and can’t be trusted to tell the truth (anymore). You can’t possibly be unaware of the lies they’ve been telling about COVID vaccines, unless you’ve been avoiding the news while you’re out there in your pumpkin patch.

I don’t think any of us here would refuse a proven treatment if we were ill, or at risk of being ill. I wouldn’t. You know that, so I’m not sure why you feel compelled to keep playing this particular tape loop.

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I just found out that Pierre Kory has a substack blog. This one here is interesting - he’s reporting what’s happening down on the ground with vaccine injuries:

Of course, he could just be lying and slawa is correct that nobody is suffering any ill effects.

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Thanks for these, this kind of information is not in our consciousness because it’s not being reported. I have little doubt as to its authenticity and general applicability.

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Man loses it when a loved one dies. He goes after the GP apparently:

If the big one hits, people with weapons are coming for your resources.

That’s definitely going to be an issue, but have you seen farmer tools? This is what I prune trees with:

My personal view is that we’re going to have to build resilient communities that are working together rather than breeding more of the animosity that governments are relying upon to create a fractured, fearful, compliant society. That’s our best defence. But there’s always that one person who thinks stealing is the way to go.

Depends on how well he can organize the locals. Maybe he’ll star in a new Dances with Wolves/Avatar.

Even if that happens, sometimes crops fail. Will you die, or go kill the closest village with a successful harvest?

Even if one thing fails, your business model should be such that your other products take up the slack. And there are all sorts of ways to minimize the chances of failure. I suppose my problem is that I rely quite heavily on technology to keep things working, and that might become a problem if I can’t get spare parts in the future.

But why go and kill people? The point here is that we should be able to trade with other people (and access lines of credit) even if we’re locked out of the mainstream economy for refusing this week’s booster.

They gotta find me first. I’m at a thousand foot elevation in the foothills of a mountain range in the middle of nowhere.

Lockdowns for some things, not for others:

They still want to get the serfs jabbed up to the hilt. Here they will target the more vulnerable useless eaters.
Their claim of uptake does not match other government figures (18.9 million have not been jabbed, for example).

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Homeless, Gypsies, and the mentally ill? Surely these clowns can see the parallels staring them in the face?

And how is someone who has “learning disabilities” supposed to give informed consent?

The whole document reads like something from a militant missionary group (the sort who do forced exorcisms if you refuse to accept their version of the Good News).

IIRC Norman Fenton pointed out that there are massive vaccine counting discrepancies between agencies. I seriously doubt 40m people (75% of those who said yes the first time) have been boosted - A majority of those I know who took the first two still got COVID, and said “bugger that for a game of soldiers”.

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Meanwhile in the New Normal Reich:

Doctor jailed for two years and suspended for giving people a hall pass so they don’t need to wear their compliance talisman. People have got lesser sentences than that for GBH.

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Does anyone of a certain age remember this? I don’t recommend you listen to it, but it’s basically a re-release of a wartime drinking song mocking patent medines.

50 years later, here we are living in clownworld, where everyone believes in patent medicines as the saviour of the human race.

We’ll drink a drink, a drink
To Lily the Pink, the Pink, the Pink
The savior of the human race
For she invented medicinal compound
Most efficacious in every case

etc etc etc.

Lily the Pink, she turned to drink
She filled up with paraffin inside
And despite her medicinal compound
Sadly pickled Lily died

Up to heaven her soul ascended
All the church bells they did ring
She took with her medicinal compound
Hark the herald angels sing

From 2014.

“ Many of the groups that create dangerous viruses to understand their workings are funded by the US NIH. Lord May suspected the NIH supported the work because officials there were “incompetent” and believed the justifications that scientists told them”

Sound familiar?! You could not make this up………

The man is upset at a doctor, who apparently jabbed someone he was close to - who died.
Expect more of this.

This poor soul has heart issues.

This man calls up a pharmacy in NZ who jabbed his 7-year-old son. His son has myocarditis and the response, when asked why his wife was not informed of the possible side effect, was we don’t inform so as to not scare people into not getting jabbed.

Mark Steyn doing an epic rant about the Pennywise version of clownworld that we currently live in. The politicians have gone from pretending vaccine-injured people don’t exist to laughing at them:

“Why aren’t they taking us to court?” says John Mason MSP with a :rofl: . I think the answer to that is fairly obvious, surely, Mr Mason? It’s because you know that you and your ilk are beyond the law and untouchable.

@cake: those are pretty hard to listen to. The justice system has been completely subverted for the moment, but it’s looking slightly more likely that it’ll be righted at some point in the future and these people will have to answer in court for what they have done. There’s just too many people now getting irate, and too few waving the WEF flag.

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I’m not really interested in watching an epic cretin debate with a… whatever he is. But this

is wrong. Have you tried to count the number of lawsuits, grievances, and similar actions against covid measures around the world or even in one country? They most certainly are taking people to court, but it’s a slow process even in the best of times. (And as discussed before, taking elected legislators to court is usually not a thing, because parliamentary privilege is a feature of this thing called democracy. It’s a different story when a legislator-cum-minister acts as a minister, though.)

Coming this fall: Canada’s currently suspended vaccine mandate for (international and domestic) travel will finally get its public hearing, after nearly a year. :popcorn:

And more, and more, and more. :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:

South Africa:

[SA] is considering a shocking set of amendments to its health legislation that would remove people’s rights to bodily autonomy. These amendments include forcing people into quarantine – which for most people will require them to go to state-run facilities (ie. concentration camps) – forcing people to undergo medical examination, and to accept medical treatment against their will.