COVID Humbug! (2024 Edition)

From one of the (official) links in the article:

The Common Rule’s provisions for waiver or alteration of informed consent for minimal risk research have been in effect for over 30 years

Just sayin’.

They seem to be vastly outnumbered by people who’ve never heard of the stuff. “What? Which vaccine did I get at the clinic today? Uh, whichever one they had. Why?” :man_facepalming:

Well, even though the Taiwan CDC have ditched compuslory masks in hospitals, they still recommend you wear one when you go there.

While some might find your not wearing a mask in such a high-disease risk area as a hospital commendable, I hope you don’t stray too far from the directions and recommendations from our topmost Taiwanese medical experts on mask usage in hospitals. They know what they’re doing, and they’re just looking out for our health and safety.

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Cake! You should know better than to provoke the Repost Czar! :cake: :angry:

P007 and Slawa had a lengthy argument about this one in February. It starts here:

Has anything changed?

I can’t offer you any suggestions for Taiwan, but have you considered going to the UK for medical care? (See above.)

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My son wouldn’t have needed stitches by the time we got there so it’s not a practical option for medical care.

Plus, they have a death wish in the UK. Many nurses and doctors dont wear masks. Stick to Taiwan. It is safer.

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Qss mentioned that he didn’t wear a mask when visiting a Taiwan hospital recently, so he’s already living on the edge.

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I’ll just remind you that it was worse than that at the peak of the hysteria. Remember when hospitals were entirely shut down and turned into COVID treatment centres (with no customers)? Remember when doctors were denying life-saving care to the unvaccinated? In many countries this was official government policy: I’ve mentioned before the Australian radio advert notifying people that, should they come to the hospital requiring COVID support, they would be left to die if found to be vaccine dissidents (probably vaccinated patients would be, too, but I doubt they’d want to advertise that). It’s probably still up on Rumble somewhere if you’d care to search for it.

Doctors who objected to this sort of thing were told to STFU. Doctors who refused to keep silent were fired.

Japan, AFAIK, did not go full-on “it’s time to cull the unvaccinated”. Several high-profile doctors there are speaking out now - too little, too late, but at least they’re doing it. One even apologised. I suspect there were plenty of doctors who managed to avoid getting involved in jabbing campaigns.

Anyway, how you deal with all that is up to you. You can keep going around and around and around with it in your head, insisting that it was all for the best, or you can start drawing the obvious conclusions.


I know such people exist. I’ve met a few. They just queue up and do as they’re told. But there are enough true believers, apparently, to keep the whole thing afloat.


Regarding Japan:

TV video debate excerpt: