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I’ll try to answer. If you have been asked to stay home for 10 days, you can’t take your kids to school. Even if you have tested negative.

My niece just got asked to stay home.

Her classmate was a contact of a confirmed case. So she was a contact of a contact. The classmate was negative originally so my niece didn’t have to do anything. Then the kid tested positive on day 7?? of their 10 day isolation.

That turned my niece into a direct contact, but the person who she was in contact with had been in isolation for a week already so they asked her to stay home for only three days. She can leave at midnight tonight. She got an official paper explaining.


Are incoming passengers still required to get a sim card on arrival if they don’t already have one?

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I am planning on traveling to Spain.

But I am unsure if my place is suitable for quarantine when I get back. Does anybody know who I can call to ask?

I live in a “Tao Fang”. A larger apartment that has been divided into smaller separate apartments, each with it’s own bathroom.

If anyone has any insight if I could quarantine here, it would be appreciated.


Does your place use shared AC system? Or does your room have an independent AC unit?

My guess is it is not eligible, especially if you have a shared bathroom, which is almost certain given the usual layout of these places.

But then again, who knows how the rules may change in the future.


You could just try emailing immigration (via their contact page on the website). Believe it or not, they do respond to their emails. If you have a separate bathroom you’ll probably be OK.

I believe he said that it does have its own bathroom


Independent ac

I have my own bathroom.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give it a try.

Did you get an answer?

I called the CDC. Extension 7 for English service.

My taofang is not suitable. I have to stay in a hotel.


What reason did they give?

They probably just used the output from a Magic 8 Ball, as with other CECC policy decisions. :whistle:


I live in a “Tao Fang”. A larger apartment that has been divided into smaller separate apartments, each with it’s own bathroom.

Is there a common, living-room kindof area? If yes, then they won’t allow it.

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If a several people enter the unit at a single address through a single door, this won’t work for quarantine purposes.



How is “one person per residence in his or her quarantine location” authorized and confirmed by Taiwan authorities?

  • Do you give an address upon arrival, hope for approval, and be open for them to visit anytime while following all other guidelines?

  • Can quarantine residence be authorized and approved in advance before departing for taiwan?

“An arrival should observe the rule of one person per residence in his or her quarantine location or stay in a quarantine hotel”


Effective immediately, weekly cap of arrivals increased to 40,000; starting…

CECC, July 4:

Despite steadily decreasing COVID case counts, Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) on Monday (July 4) announced that its 25,000 per week cap on passengers entering the country and “3 + 4” quarantine will remain in place indefinitely.

During a press conference on Monday, CECC Spokesperson Chuang Jen-hsiang (莊人祥) was asked when the weekly quota on arriving passengers would be raised to 40,000 and if the “0 + 7” quarantine policy would begin before the end of the month. Chuang responded by saying the Cabinet held an inter-ministerial meeting to discuss the subject, but given the overall situation, the decision was made to maintain the limit of 25,000 visits per week.

CECC, July 7:

On July 7, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that it will increase the total number of arrivals allowed entry every week to 40,000 beginning today

Anyone know why they changed their mind so quickly? Is it just that they didn’t have any other fiddly rule changes to announce on July 7?

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It seems some questions asked by media during conferences regarding policy changes lead to those changes pretty soon.

Maybe they should keep asking when 0+3 or 0+7 will be implemented until they change it.

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