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I found it hard not to laugh at the airport. They disinfected the soles of my shoes for christ’s sake.

So, what’s the verdict on the +4? I can do whatever I want? Will I be tracked?


No you cannot.


What are the rules for the 4-day self-monitoring period?
During the self-monitoring period, people should only go out when necessary and after testing negative using a rapid antigen test the same day or the previous day.

When outdoors, they should wear a mask at all times, practice social distancing and avoid visiting crowded places, and should not [go] to a hospital or clinic unless they have a medical emergency.

Can I go to work during the self-monitoring period?

However, migrant workers, including fisherman, as well as students, are not allowed to go to work or school, because of the higher risk of cluster infections, according to the CECC.

Can I take public transportation during the self-monitoring period?
Yes, you are allowed to take nearly all forms of public transportation, including buses, the MRT and trains.

The one exception, however, is a prohibition on taking domestic flights to Taiwan’s outlying islands during this period, due to their limited medical resources, according to the CECC.

Source: https://focustaiwan.tw/society/202206150005



The spitting cubicles are on par with gas station bathrooms. Just shooo them away when they try to spray you, they will stop.

He is right. Common sense says she can’t stay with you. But don’t worry, she can pick you up from the airport. You can catch up on the ride to wherever you are going. My friends even stopped at the 711 to get supplies. Apparently this was fine because their day one hadn’t started yet. Common sense.

The funny thing is that she can’t stay with you even if you are negative when you come from abroad.

But she can stay with you and even carry on as normal as long as you catch it in Taiwan. Common sense.


I fully agree this is stupid. It should be banned too.


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I’d leave the phone at home though in case it’s tracked and I bet it is tracked
Omg he went to a restaurant, the horror

Yeah, yeah, I know what the rules say, but I want to know what they actually are. Like how traffic laws say you can’t jump a red light, but if you speed up and don’t hit anyone, it’s ok.

Well if I’m allowed to go to work then it’s basically meaningless.

You and your daughter can quarantine together if you have lived and traveled together before arriving. It sounds like your wife did not travel with you. In that case, she cannot stay at the same place for the 3+4. It might be the best if you and your daughter can stay at your residence while your wife stays elsewhere if you can figure out the logistics of food delivery, etc. Even if she has to stay at a hotel, it’s still cheaper than two people in a quarantine hotel.


lol…Ok. Unless this is actually her plan. Then nooooOOO!!

That’s what’s funny about it… they don’t stop you from going to work because the laoban would be all over the government for loss of productivity. But heaven forbid you go to a night market after work


If they stopped you going to work, they would need to pay you to stay home. They can take away your free time without giving you pay though.


I’m pretty sure you can go to the night market during +4 as long as you’re not showing symptoms. Need to social distance while eating and wear a mask while there, but they just said you can’t eat with large groups of people, not that night markets are forbidden (as long as you don’t have symptoms)

Most hilarious to me is that you need to spend the night for the +4 in the same place you quarantined, even though you’re free to move about for the rest of the day. Them lying kings can still spread COVID around tea houses, as long as they sleep in the same bed as they did for the three days of quarantine. Logic.


This is absolutely true. My Taiwanese friend had to return to the same quarantine hotel for the self-management 4 days. When my husband came back, I just booked myself a hotel and let him have the apartment. Much better this way.


It’s obvious they want to pump up the hotel industry. You are free to infect people during the day but if you’re not back at night they call the CDC.

And it’s even worse staying in a hotel that very likely has many positive cases living next to you for the next 4 days when you could easily go somewhere else


Can someone clarify for me. I’m doing home isolation as a confirmed case. I started home quarantine on Wednesday 10th (middle of they day) and the date listed on the notice is from Wednesday 10th to 17th (Wednesday).

Am I allowed to go out on 17th, or do I need to wait until the 18th?

Edit, the health agency tells me its 0.00 on 18th :frowning:

Yeah, the language in the notice of quarantine is really interesting, it says if you must go out in the self monitoring period, “please” wear a medical mask correctly. Maybe its the translation they do on it, but its a real mixed bag of rules and guidelines.

Slight liberalization of the +4 regulations starting on September 1. The changes seem to apply to folks who have residences in Taiwan, not to folks just arriving and staying in a quarantine hotel:

After entering Taiwan and remaining in quarantine for the standard three days, travelers will be allowed to spend the four-day “self-initiated epidemic prevention” period on a one person to a room basis, and will not need permission to change locations, the CECC said.

At present, arrivals must complete both the three- and four-day periods on a one person per residence basis (if home quarantining) and need to apply for permission from local authorities if they wish to spend the two periods at different locations.

At a press conference Monday, CECC head Victor Wang (王必勝) said the one person per residence rule during the three-day quarantine period will remain in effect, but travelers will be able to spend the four-day protocol on a one person to a room basis starting Sept. 1.

To meet these standards, a person should have one room and one bathroom reserved for their use only, Wang said, adding that booking a non-quarantine hotel room during this period [i.e. +4] will remain prohibited.

Meanwhile, people who wish to change locations after completing the three-day quarantine – such as by moving from a quarantine hotel to a private residence – will no longer need to apply to the local government for permission to do so, he said.


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Wow. Getting so loose on the restrictions. Meanwhile, I went to work today via public transit. But it’s so very good that I returned home to my own space without other people. And the private bathroom. Also very important! Might cough all over the aerosolized fecal matter that is created when you don’t put the toilet seat down when flushing!

These steps really do help to stop the spread of COVID, especially since literally everyone I know here seems to have tested positive for COVID in the past week or so. The person I chose to spend my first day of freedom with called me at 11pm last night to inform me that she’d tested positive. Keep up the good work CECC! You are absolutely putting your resources in the right places! /s


I am having my dinner. I did not need to read that. :nauseated_face: