Covid test requirement to enter Taiwan

Has anyone entered Taiwan since the COVID test requirement began? I’m married to a Taiwanese national (but our marriage is not yet registered in Taiwan), so TECO gave me a visitor’s visa with special Covid entry permit saying I could apply for a residence visa in Taiwan.

However, different websites say different things about the requirement. Some sites say the test has to be taken within 3 days of the flight to Taiwan, some say the result has to be issued within 3 days of the flight, others say complicated things about how the date is calculated, others say “working days” done count. Even when we call the different agencies, they give us different answers.

Does anyone have any experience with how this is practically enforced? We’re flying from the US to Taiwan on August 3rd and aren’t sure what date the test will have to be taken/issued to be accepted by EVA Air and the authorities in Taiwan.

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