Covid testing for departing Taiwan

Hi all, there’s so much info out there that I’ve looked into, but they don’t always say the same thing. If someone has had experience with this, I would appreciate your help!

My family flies back to the states in mid July. We keep hearing that we can do rapid testing AT the airport on the day of, but I just cannot find legitimate information that isnt conflicting. Our flight is on a Monday at 10pm. We were thinking of just taking a taxi up on the day of (we live in chiayi), go straight to the airport, do the test, and just wait there for the results. My question is…has anyone done the airport departures testing before? how quickly can it get done?

We’ll also have 2 little ones with us (one 6 month, one almost 3yo), so just trying to think what is the most efficient and less-hassle way to do this. would appreciate your help.

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