Covid Tests to take a flight

I guess that’s the key point—it’s the final destination that seems to set the rules. That seems to be the case for me too as I transfer in Tokyo Narita en route to Canada (i.e. in my case, Canada’s rules apply, not Japan’s).



Very helpful – thanks! We found a clinic that will do antigen test on weekend at reasonable cost and assures us it’s the right thing for travel to U.S. I’ll try to get the info from wife and share later.

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Good news for all travelers to the US!

Unfortunately, this will probably make getting a COVID test before a flight (to Taiwan) more expensive and more difficult in many parts of the world.

Can someone point me to evidence to prove for my doubting friend my understanding? Which is: for flights out of Taiwan, so long as the destination country requires no COVID test, there’s no other requirement (Taiwan government, Eva Airlines, etc.) to provide a negative COVID test just prior to flight. Correct?


Just let them pay for a pointless test if they don’t believe you. Surely they should be providing proof that you/they do need a test.

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As far as I can tell, you’re correct, but I wish I could find a clear statement of that on Eva’s website. The best I’ve been able to find is below, with a couple of quotes:

  1. All passengers are required to have their temperature taken at the entrance to the airport or before boarding, where hand sanitizer dispensers are also provided. EVA Air will deny boarding to passengers who are unwell or have a fever. (My note: i.e. if a test were required, presumably they’d say so here.)
  1. In compliance with the regulations of destination country, you might need to provide the negative COVID-19 test result within the designated time frame prior to departure and/or COVID-19 vaccination certificate. You can click Travel Restrictions to check the latest information with regards to COVID-19 related entry regulations. (My note: the “might” very strongly implies it’s not always necessary, and it depends on the destination.)


Thanks! Yes, would be nice to see clear statement affirming…

You probably won’t find a clear statement about something that is not required. I mean good luck trying to find a clear statement somewhere that one is allowed to board an airplane wearing flip flops and short pants :man_shrugging:

For reference: I was able to visit my family in Europe last year and didn’t need to do a test when leaving Taiwan because at that time, Germany did not require tests for vaccinated people. The airline checked my vaccine card, but no one wanted to see a negative test. Especially not at the airport or Taiwanese customs.


Meanwhile, Taiwan’s CDC will be one of the last still “mulling” such a move. Which, as mentioned above, will make it increasingly difficult for travellers to even obtain such a test.

I called EVA Taiwan today and spoke with agent, who confirmed currently there is no requirement for travellers departing from Taiwan and going to U.S. to show negative test. (They did note policy is subject to change again.)


Just trying to call United now to confirm the same.


There is no Covid test requirement to fly to America, but what are the requirements to return to Taiwan? What tests are accepted? Is a home rapid test acquired in Taiwan but taken before the return flight acceptable?

No, it’s not.


RT-PCR test within two calendar days of your flight

It doesn’t have to be RT-PCR. Whatever airline your flying with should have a list of accepted tests for returning to Taiwan. Also you can check this list from the CDC question 7

Here’s a link to the site if the PDF doesn’t work.

June 11 entry:

II. Testing measures:
A. Arrivals must present a COVID-19 PCR test result within two days before their scheduled flight to Taiwan.
B. PCR testing: deep-throat saliva samples will be collected from arrivals for PCR testing at the airport/port on the day of arrival (Day 0).
C. At-home rapid tests: two rapid test kits will be given to arrivals aged 2 and older by workers at international airports/ports upon arrival; arrivals can use the test kits when symptoms occur during quarantine and before they go out for the first time during the self-initiated epidemic prevention period.

I can’t read Chinese but:

It just says a PCR test. So, if you check with your airline or the CDC link that I posted you will see that it’s not just the RT-PCR. You can also get different ones; NAA, NAAT, NAT, LAMP, RT-LAMP, RT-PCR, qRT-PCR.

So if you are going to America, you should be able to go to Walgreens or maybe CVS and do the NAAT rapid test.

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It’s number Q7. It talks about the type of PCR test you need.

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