😷 COVID - Travel in Taiwan During Covid-19

This group was created to connect all travelers traveling to and from Taiwan during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our quest is to create a platform that you can visit to access quality information on the latest government regulations and policies regarding traveling to and from Taiwan.

We provide information on PCR & anti-rapid testing, vaccination regulations, quarantine hotels & protocols, visa applications, documents to prepare for your flight, and much more.

We welcome you to add to this plethora of information by asking questions and sharing your travel experiences to help each other in these challenging times.


  1. We welcome posts in both English and Chinese.

  2. Try to keep your posts related to travel and life in Taiwan.

  3. Please keep all comments kind and respectful

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What group? Who are you? What’s going on?

I created this topic so people can ask questions about traveling to Taiwan during covid. It can be about quarantine, about applying for visas etc

Have you mistaken this site for Facebook?

There are already topics about traveling during Covid, no need for another one.

Here you go:

If you want to talk about something more specific, please feel free to open a new thread. I think there is no real need for a general thread like this, right?


OP seems a little confused as to what we do here. We can’t create platforms within a forum. That’s not how a forum works. A platform needs to be external.

I wonder if OP is working for some kind of government organization.

If that’s the case, please let us know @junynvo78, maybe you have some insider info you want to share?

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Yeah it looks like a cut and paste and all that’s missing is a link.

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I misunderstood it. my apologies. Thank you for the suggestions

No need to apologize. Feel free to let us know more about you. Why are you using “we”? Are you part of some sort of group or organization?

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I am a student currently doing an internship in Taiwan so part of my responsibilities is to help people in the process of coming to Taiwan, by providing information about the quarantine policies, quarantine or visa applications.

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Alrighty. Let’s see if people here have questions for you then. :+1:

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In response to a rapid spread of the Omicron variant, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) has changed the 3-day period of the COVID-19 RT-PCR test report to 2 days effective from January 4, 2022. These 2 days are calculated from the day you took the test. For example, if your flight’s scheduled departure time is on March 1st, you need to count two calendar days backward which in this case is Feb 27. The attached picture can give you a clearer illustration.


I know Taiwan are currently letting business travelers in? What is the requirement for that visa? If I have a family member who is a director of a business in the UK, and would like to come to both see me, and do research on the Taiwan market for a potential expansion into Taiwan, would it be possible for her to get a visa? Or do you need some company in Taiwan to invite you?


Is international transit allowed in Taoyuan these days?

My background.
I’m currently in Hong Kong. I have an ARC. I will be coming to Taiwan in June for a shortish visit (including the 7+ days quarantine). I will then go to the UK. I will then return to Hong Kong. Direct flights from the UK and Hong Kong will be allowed by then, although I am not entirely trusting of the HK administration giving their constant flipflopping of policies. My backup would be to fly UK - Transit country - Hong Kong. Would I be able to do the transit in Taoyuan - i.e. not going through immigration / quarantine procedures on my return route to Hong Kong? I think that UK - Taiwan, and Taiwan - Hong Kong flights are less likely to be cancelled/blacklisted than UK - Hong Kong flights. It might also be cheaper - two return flights (HK-Taiwan, Taiwan - UK), than 3 one-way flights.

Any thoughts?

Re transit, it appears to be allowed.

See From June 25, transit passengers are allowed at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport with thorough route and monitoring measures in place to prevent coronavirus spread - Taiwan Centers for Disease Control

The following restrictions apply:

(1) transit flights from or to China where COVID-19 continues to spread are excluded from the plan; (2) transit passengers are required to fly with the same airline (only Taiwan’s China Airlines and Eva Air and Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific are included in the transit plan, and the list of airline companies permitted will be reviewed based on the pandemic situation and implementation of the project.); and (3) transit passengers are required to leave Taiwan within eight hours.


Hey, I am sorry for the late reply. The following is a step-by-step process on how to apply for a business visa and the requirements. I hope that helps https://qr.ae/pG0p4M. As for your family member, I believe he/she needs an invitation from a company in Taiwan.

Are you working for this site? If you do, please be honest about it.


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I am a foreign student currently doing an internship at their company. My task is to keep people updated on the new policies regarding border controls, quarantine and also help them in the process.

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OK, that’s totally fine. And if you post helpful information here, that is certainly welcomed. What we don’t like is when business owners try to post advertising disguised as information, which happens from time to time. Advertising is only permitted in the Formosafied section.

Let me ask you as question then. Which hotel, in your view, has done the best job providing quarantine accommodation so far?


I don’t know about the hotel’s quarantine accommodation. I was only quarantined in Taiwan once it was when I came back from the States last year and I quarantine in Kaohsiung. It was more or less fine although you home will always be better in my opinion. I only know about quarantine policies, border controls, visa process etc the quarantine hotel accommodation is not really my field😅.

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