Covington Catholic High School incident


Or his “whiteness.” It’s blinding. :sunglasses:


It’s shocking how white he is.


RE: Russian fear mongering. I am drawing a blank who did it but I’ve read at least one fairly detailed report on the extent of Russian interference and they were stirring shit on every possible angle. Essentially they kept trying and trying and trying until they received a reaction - for liberals, it was generally race; for conservatives it was generally religion. However, the extent was so so so so small as to be laughable. We’re talking millions of engagements throughout the entire cycle which sounds significant but is far less than a successful blogger or YouTuber could get in a month.


Victors make the history, then historians write it down.

Sometimes the historians are less than reliable stenographers. They tend to confabulate. But there are limits to what they can away with. That’s why we have Lost Cause Theory instead of claims that the Confederacy won the US Civil War and that the plantations system still exists.


I think you refer to one by Brennan, Clapper, Comey and Mike Rogers. The first 3 were up to their necks in it. Mike Rogers said he had moderate confidence in Russia meddling the other 3 were high. Like I say, I think Comey was for the most part the useful idiot.

You can almost identify the exact moment the FBI figured out they were being played. As late as February 2017 the FBI was trying to get Papadopoulos to wear a wire in a meeting with Joseph Mifsud. Papadopoulos would have already told them that Mifsud was the one to set up a meeting with Putin’s fake niece and Mifsud was the one claiming he knew Russians had thousands of Hillary Clintons emails. The FBI apparently interview Mifsud a week later, perhaps thinking he is a Russian spy, only to learn (I think) he is a Western intelligence asset. Mifsud’s lawyer has since then openly made the claim he is a Western intelligence asset (like the CIA or MI6). Basically Brennan with a little help from the British laid breadcrumbs for the FBI to follow.


It’s astonishing, isn’t it. So much news mileage out of a 16 year old who basically did nothing other than attend a rally. He hasn’t assaulted anyone. There’s no footage, I’m aware of at least, of him even shouting at anyone. All he did was stand still. He didn’t even approach anyone to get into their space.

It’s all about that look on his face.


Don’t forget his MAGA hat and his “whiteness.”


Those too, and his opinion on pro-choice (which I disagree with, not that it matters in this thread).


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Yep. When I was his age I would have given way to an adult. However, there’s absolutely no reason why that should be obligatory. In fact, I would imagine the more progressive among us would be more likely to argue against young adults deferring to adult authority so easily.


I would’ve told him to fcuk off in no uncertain terms, or took his drum and smashed it over his head. Good thing I’m not his age now. Probably would’ve been lynched.


Young people those days. Tut tut.


Yep. If it was needed, the proof that this is not news is the Black Isrealites. Their role has been well-noted. By any measure from a sane person, their actions were more serious than the boys’, not to mention that they are adults. Yet they are apparently totally irrelevant.


right but it’s the boys who have the whiteness. they are bathed in privilege and without treating this as an opportunity, no, responsibility to acknowledge their past sins and genocidal tendencies towards people of color then they are inherently at fault and in fact a clear indication that systemic racism is on the rise

hate has no home here

lol jk


They seem to not a have a problem with black Israelites, but a Christian catholic? Nope.


OrangeManBad invites them to the whitehouse.

Must be trying to score points with Skeleslag Ann Coulter.


He wants to absorb their whiteness so he can become less orange. He can at least achieve a nice pastel shade.


Couldn’t resist


Yes, it’s well-known as a nazi sign in the NBA as well.




It’s been longer than that I think. I can remember anti-Russia bias from the start of the Ukraine/Crimea stuff, Pussy Riot and when anti-homophobia became popular opinion, around 2011 or 12 I think.