Covington Catholic High School incident


Grown up guy with drum gets in a stand off with a minor in a public place

No bonus points for figuring out who is in the right and who is in the wrong there

(unless you want bonus points? who wants bonus points?)


Personally I don’t think bonus points are fair. I think everyone should get the same amount of bonus points so no one feels left out.




I worry about our fair America. When did we scrutinize what protesters did to protesters whilst protesting.

Oh, it was Charlottesville? The car thingy? Riiiiight…

The left is eating itself. this can no longer be denied.

Celebrate this not, because the blowhardian bloviating blowhards on the MAGA who support OrangeManBad are worse (medium and long term).

Gawd help us


When one side is made up of adults and the other is made up of high school kids, that’s when.

I know it’s Friday, but it’s not yet 1pm. It’s going to be a beautiful afternoon. Try and save some of your liver for this evening’s sunset!


The Truth just gets worse and worse for Fake News and The Fake Vietnam Vet


Charlottesville was another media mangled hit job, only on that occasion they got away with it.


Yes. All 2+ hours. The guy walks through the crowd and right up into the boy’s face and starts beating his drum and chanting in a language other than English. The old man confronted the boy for no reason. The boy stood there patiently and smiled and said nothing the entire time. The old man instigated the entire episode.


Apparently Phillips has a criminal record which includes assault and escape from prison.



pretty good singers with this song…

Covington Catholic Chamber Choir


Still no word on whether he was actually an Indian.


What an actual sack of shit! He FORGIVES them ??? I can’t believe he thought he’s in a position where the students did something that demands/deserves the forgiveness of a human fraud.


Sorry, not sorry. :sunglasses:


The apology is his way of stretching 15 minutes into 30.

Besides, if the Democrat media is willing to ignore the Black Israelites’ role in instigating this clusterfuck, who’s to say that he, too, can’t wipe his slate clean in one fell swoop?


I mean he did mention earlier in an interview that they should be required to attend sensitivity training so. . .


Native Americans are just people. People got to cut it out with the noble savage romanticism of them as nature loving peaceful people. Have you guys met many native Americans and been to and around reservations? It’s plagued by crime, drug addiction, alcoholics, unemployment using tribe money and etc. All of the native Americans I know are literally in and out of jail if they even go because they get so many passes from the tribe before they kick them out to face real consequences. Or drug addicts and alcoholic ass holes. I sure there are amazing people but the point is they’re people and aren’t beyond being assholes. I know a great deal of injustices were done to them, but they don’t have to live this way.


Has either of them got a book deal yet?


Maybe the National Indian Gaming Commission will grant Phillips a casino license.