Covington Catholic High School incident


The thing now about IO and AOC is that they know their only viable strategy to get noticed as freshwomen in HoR is clickbait, and so they’ll continue to make outlandish statements. It’s a Trump-like strategy, but it only makes them appear stupid.


Every genius appears stupid until he wins.


She should have started her political career in the land of:“If you kill your enemies, they win”. Her kind of rhetoric would work great there!


We call people like her a fifth column.



She’s literally a isis sympathizer. These are the people she wants to show leniency on?


No those literally aren’t the people.


She doesn’t want to show leniency to People who pledge allegiance to IsiS?


The people in the article you confusingly linked to aren’t the people she wanted to show sympathy for. I had to do the legwork to figure that out.


I didn’t mean they were the persons who she wanted to pardon. I thought it would be obvious they were caught in Morocco where she has no say.

She wants to show leniency people who pledged allegiance yon ISIS. Did she not? It’s sick.


Looks like she doesn’t want them to do 40 years, which seems wildly excessive to me as well.


30-40 years seems fair to a guy quoted as saying

“I was not going there to pass out medical kits or food. I was going strictly to fight and kill on behalf of the Islamic State,”

Guy wanted to be a jihadist killing soldiers, innocent men, women and children who he sure as hell won’t be showing leniency for.


Seems excessive to me too. Should’ve just stripped them of U.S. citizenship and bought them one-way tickets to Somalia.


I like this lady, looks like she’s got a brain in her head instead of wanting to throw more people into federal custody for 40 years for basically doing nothing.


There’s a long long list of people I would advocate leniency for instead of wasting tax payer money for them to live comfy in federal prison. A extremely long list.

The fact they got rights afforded to them and a trial plus due process is more leniency then they would afford any of us.


They won’t touch the laws that would make joining ISIS treason allowing citizenships to be stripped.


I don’t know whether the “sSmollet aggression” deserves its own thread…
But I find it amusing that just days after the Covington media shitshow, they 100% bought into the story of him being attacked by some people wearing Maga hats even though there was no proof. And now this:

I mean…everything is possible, but in the last few weeks we had the manhunt for a white guy who shot a 7yo black girl (plot twist: shooter was black, but a white man who was present at the shooting was harassed due to the online witchunt ), then the awful reporting on the Covington thing, now this…

Attracting clicks by reporting outrageous things is more important than reporting actual news, feelsbadman.


it’s media’s SOP


The Covington Catholic High School lawyers sent letters, alerting potential defendants to pending lawsuits, to: The NY Times, Maggie Haberman, Washington Post, CNN, NPR, Savannah Guthrie, Andrea Mitchell, Joy Reid, Chuck Todd, The Hill, The Atlantic, Kathy Griffin, GQMagazine, Elizabeth Warren, The Guardian, TMZ, Capitol Hill Publishing Corp., Diocese of Covington, Diocese of Lexington, Archdiocese of Louisville, Diocese of Baltimore, Erin Burnett, Sara Sidner, Ana Cabrera, Amanda Watts, Ilhan Omar, Noah Berlatsky, Elisha Fieldstadt, and Eun Kyung Kim.

Haha. Hope the kids get their college education paid for or more…


When everyone has victim status, victim status will cease to mean anything. And that will make the world a better place.

Deconstruct all double standards. Thus we take away the SJW’s toys.