Covington Catholic High School incident


For an alternative take:

This takes the victimhood to 11.


I didn’t read your article because Guardian but I’m not surprised if in it they actively participate in making Phillips a victim.

For the American left, identity is currency, privilege is a thief, and victimhood is wealth. The Guardian is executing a bog standard win-win-win here. Democrats win if Phillips is enriched by victimhood, Phillips is also enriched, and the Guardian takes the middleman’s cut. Truth is irrelevant.

Just another day among Democrats.


These people deserve it. I hope they make it rain litigation after litigation on these people. Awful journalism and idiot political sheep. I don’t think any of them even issued a formal apology. They should start a go fund me for lawyer fees.


Sadly , I read somewhere, that Litigation costs are generally covered by insurancs. At least their premiums may rocket . I think it is about time ( on both sides), that there should be a little accountability, but quite hard to police with Freedom of Speech. Not sure of the solution


I think it’s true for news agencies, but some of them a of them are not part of the news. And winning it will be a documented case of them being “fake news” for the news agencies and go on record against politicians like Ilhann Omar.

Freedom of speech does not cover libel and slander, which is what they would say they did I believe.


250m ? holy cow.


Hmmm, Do CNN next. Then the rest of them.


Trump tactics. Go big and settle for what you really wanted. Wash Post will be glad to settle for $20-30mn after this is over.


Think it’s time I invested in MAGA hat


Don’t think of it as a MAGA hat, more like a crazy detector.


I tried to buy one but they don’t ship outside of US. I wanted to wear one when I go to the carnival in Italy where they have a giant emperor Trump float.



Plus you have to be a US citizen to get a real one :pensive:


What? How would they know if you’re a US citizen or not


Not sure but that’s what I’ve heard; due to campaign donation laws


Yeah. I think it would count at direct contribution to the campaign. Wish they would ship it to me though.