Covington Catholic High School incident


He’s certainly entitled to his opinion. I doubt we’re going to change his mind.


If it were the college conservative libertarian march, then by all means engage in mutual taunting and embarrassing behavior, but if you’re there with your catholic high school for your religiously-inspired march then maybe rethink things. Transpose this to Taiwan and try to imagine a context where it’s okay for teenagers to taunt the elder…


Where is the taunting of the elder?


By whom ?


Pretty clear the teens are laughing and chanting and chopping at him… I’m willing to grant it may have been stupid teen behavior, and the other groups were horrible too, but still not excusable. Have you watched the videos?


Actually the guy looks like he smirks in the short video but if you watch the whole clip it’s kind of not like that at all…


Yes , but it would appear from your interpretation, that you have not watched the videos in full.


And even if he smirks they are teenagers, get over it.


Have you watch the video? No one is saying what you’re saying. Sounds like you’re just trying to double down.

And smiling is one of the most common mechanisms of dealing of anxiety from something like confrontations…if that’s you’re only thing. Time to pack up before you continue to make a fool of yourself.


If some weird, aggressive adult comes up and starts beating a drum at you, it seems like dancing along with it is a pretty good way to make light of the situation.


It’s not like they are wearing nazi uniforms and acting like the SS.


To a lot of people, it apparently is.


I would assume the teenagers are playing with the Native American man when they are dancing. After all, he came up to them. It’s because they are Trump supporters that the media is distorting it.


The economist Thomas Sowell pointed to 700 years of British blocking Irish in every way imaginable, especially education. Today the average Irish person has a higher salary than the average Brit. Nearly all the best high tech companies now have a site in Ireland. Very young tech entrepreneurs like the Collison brothers are becoming gradually more common. And it is said that the Catholic Church, institutionalized pedophilia, lost it’s embassy in IE. The gullible nature of Americans in believing fake news after fake news ad Infinitum is disturbing.


If it’s racist to laugh at an Indian beating a fucking tom-tom (those kids should have sung the “YMCA” theme!), then it must also be racist to laugh at this:


Shame on the average Brit today.

If they can block you for 700 years, you’re doing something wrong and need to up your game.


To a proper bully, backing down is the provocation. But to a cry-bully, it’s the refusing to back down that’s the provocation.

The point is not to give a damn about all that. Just stand your ground because it’s your ground. You don’t need any other reason.



brave & stunning

Welcome to 2019, folks. It’s going to be an interesting ride.



i Think we are about to see that the Native American isn’t even a Vietnam veteran. It seems even at 17 years old if he got permission to enlist. The last Soldier in Vietnam would have left Vietnam a year before he was 17.