Covington Catholic High School incident



I haven’t really looked up stuff regarding him, but “native american who joins public events with a pal who has a camera, and immediately catches the opportunity to do something that can potentially lead to physical confrontation” kinda activates my almonds. That’s the kind of thing that could lead to someone pushing him, and then a GoFundMe page to help him recover from the brutal aggression would just be a click away.
Glad the kids kept their posture.




Is he at least a real native american, or just he looks like one?

I’ve read someone calling him Smallpox Skrillex, it fits so well I wish i thought about it first.


That depends on your definition of real Native American lol. 1/1024? Maybe he identifies with being one.


The first time for me was before Trump got elected, MSM ran for a straight week a video of a black woman getting kicked out of a Trump rally and edited out the scene before and after she got kicked out and showed only a 20 second clip of her vs the full 5 min clip. What they edited out was she got kicked out with a group of 4 White Men as well and the 5 of them started a fight by yelling racial hate slurs. MSM kept insinuating she got kicked out by herself because she was black which was obviously a lie from the full video. Thats prior to Trump being elected Pres. Thats when I started really paying attention to the news and the divisive image theyre trying to project.


Are CNN & friends showing that the fake israelitis (or whatever they’re called) were calling the kids faggots and all sorts of racial/homophobic slurs? Or are they keeping that quiet/censored?

I’ve watched the whole video so i don’t want to go through every msm outlet to check how much they distort it.


They’ve been mentioned. The brutally racist actions of adults don’t seem worthy of any particular note in the same context however, not compared to standing up to someone smiling being white, 16, and wearing a MAGA hat.


This is the Democrat media taking another run at Kavanaughing a person who gets their hackles up. In this case a 16-year old who hit all 5 Democrat targets: white, male, Christian, MAGA hat, privilege.

So far the left doesn’t seem to be retreating much on this one. Last night (Taiwan time) they found a video taken 10 years ago at a Covington HS basketball game and were accusing the HS of being racist because blackface. Turns out it was a blackout game (students agree to all wear black, a thing then and now) but a Democrat activist had cropped the picture to cut out a wider view. At least the MSM Democrat media dropped that narrative fairly quickly once the editing hijinks were exposed (although not exposed by the MSM itself).


imagine my shock!


Mine was around the same time but with the whole 'Trump makes fun of disabled reporter!" thing.

Which was true… but the insulation being that he made of a disabled reporter’s disability was not in fact true.


Your native american elder who proudly served in the Vietnam War as a Recon Ranger did indeed serve in the USMC from 72-76.

Except instead of Vietnam he in Nebraska and then California.

And instead of Recon Ranger he was a refrigerator mechanic.

He discharged as a private after three AWOLS which isn’t easy to do.

Nathan Phillips, AKA Nathan Stanard, Native American Drummer Dude was NOT a Vietnam Vet.

He also tried to interrupt mass at the National Shrine after the kids got on the bus.

Nathan Phillips rally attempted to disrupt Mass at DC’s National Shrine

Of course this is the first time he’s been in a racist altercation with students that nobody else saw in a few years so perhaps he’s telling the truth despite video evidence to the contrary?

Native American At Center Of MAGA Student Incident Has History Of Claiming Racism, Disrespect By Students



reading that made me laugh out in public, which is no easy thing to do.


The culture war seems to be reaching peak surreal. I mean, could it get any more surreal at this point? Serious question.


How dare you.
I identify as a refrigerator mechanic.
Are you saying we are not people?


Yup confirmed hes not a Vietnam Vet


I’d like to think not. Democrats should be able to tolerate a friggin’ red hat. They should be able to tolerate Americans who support the President. They should be able to deny the temptation to bring to bear the considerable power of their identity politics machine on the head of a high school student.

Probably the biggest issue is that some in the Democrat media are $$ incentivized now to avoid fact checking and just go with an edited video hosted by social media. Easier to apologize than to ask for permission, and they’ve paid no price for it yet. So unfortunately we have probably not yet found bottom and more surreal is coming.



I will have you know that I am both an Afghanistan and Iraq war era person and WILL NOT tolerate being spoken to in such a manner.


NFLers will get this…