Cowboy's Beach Bar and Grill Nanwan Beach Kenting

Great place on the beach to hang out day or night. Good hamburgers, barbecue sandwiches, drinks, and a few other things. Nice sunset view and right on the beach with a couple other places nearby. Open late. Basically the best beach in the area with services.

Cowboy’s Beach Bar & Grill 牛仔沙灘酒吧餐廳 No. 223 Nanwan Road Unit 1, Hengchun

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ha. nice video ad on that link.
see any girls in daisy-dukes?

Sure. The staff, for a few.

That was actually the bar a couple doors down from Cowboy’s. The owner of Cowboy’s is a she, and they closed around 1:30. The place down at the end was the only one on that little strip still open when I left around 3.

And no, I’m not the person in the story, though I have a couple guesses as to who it was. :joy:

We may have crossed paths.

Cowboy’s got the free advertising in the video.

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Got it. I didn’t watch the video, obviously. Good for them.

Nikki, owner and operator of Cowboy’s is a great host, happy, fun, and makes literally anyone and everyone feel welcome. Adults, kids, families, lonely single people, big groups, travelers, wanderers. The rest of the staff also great.

Just a rare great place to hang out on a beach in Taiwan.

And the food is good.


Yep, in all of Taiwan it’s pretty much only there or Cijin for good beach bars with good food and vibe. And neither existed five years ago. Progress!