Cowon dealer or ordering from USA?

Hey folks,

The new Cowon O2 is out and it looks like an ideal mp3 / pvp player.

Cowon products purchased in Taiwan tend to be marked up well over a hundred dollars US more than purchasing them from ect…

I’m wondering, are electronics goods purchased from over-seas bound to always get nailed by customs?

Does anyone have any experience / or have developed some techniques to acquire certain electronics good from the States and somehow avoid duty and customs fees?

I know this is an ‘age-old’ question for Taiwan but I’m finally tired of getting price-gouged.

If anyone knows of a good Cowon dealer in Taipei or Taichung, any information on that would be swell too.

Thanks in advance.

Man, I’d also love to find a local dealer of Cowon players. Their stuff beats anything else I’ve ever seen, hands-down.

iPods? I fart in their general direction. Twice, for good measure. And once more for iTunes.

Cowon players support just about any audio format you’re likely to need, including OGG Vorbis, ACC, and FLAC. And they work just like external hard drives–you can store anything you like on them, even if it’s not an audio or video file. That should be a standard feature on every MP3 player, but it ain’t, even though it’s one of the most potentially useful features they could have.

And most of the better Cowon players support SD cards in addition to their internal memory. Very nice.