Coworking spaces in Taipei


I’ve been looking into coworking spaces in Taipei and didn’t find any posts about such places here on Forumosa… so here’s what I’ve turned up in my research.

Hun: … -6708.html

Facebook group:
General info:

Not exactly a coworking space but still relevant:

Anyone out there have experience with any of these co-working spaces? Or have others to add?


There are plenty of these aimed at the local market. Just go to and search for rentals under 3000-4000 in Taipei. You’ll turn up lots of them! I use one in Banqiao that’s been great to me over the years, PM me if you want their info.


[quote=“Xeno”]Not exactly a coworking space but still relevant:

Thanks for the mention (hackerspace co-founder here:)!

If you come across any more spaces, could add to this shared document (started by someone else) collecting co-working spaces in Asia: … _web#gid=0

Also, this page has some available office/virtual office/meeting places collected, might be useful! (It’s on Chinese only, though…)


I have a co-working space looking for artist/designers or other creative people to share the space,
Its’ a first floor open space near Zhang Shen Junior High school.
Rent is between 6000 - 10,000 depends on how big of space you need,
utilities included.

If anyone’s interested please contact me 0937540054




Does anyone know any co-working spaces in Sanxia, New Taipei City?