Coyote Ugly on top of Core Pacific

This place is a little like Carnegie’s, except I’ve never seen anything like this happend at Carnegie’s:

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Woo woo! Tiny-tittied tipsy trollops!

Originally posted by sandman: Woo woo! Tiny-tittied tipsy trollops!

Anything more than a mouthful is a waste.

Wow… I guess the “Girl’s Gone Wild” video crew will descend on Taipei now, eh?

Did you take these photos yourself? If so I’m curious about a couple of things…

How long did the topless thing last for? Only the two girls? Did you get a sense that they were being freespirited and spontaneous, or do you think they were ringers hired by the owner to get a reputation going?

If they are ringers, it wouldn’t have been the first time that this has happened in Taipei.

Is the pub pretty popular, and fun - beyond the titties? Where is it?

I can’t see the pictures. It tells me that the page doesn’t exist… what is up with that?

Read his instructions carefully

Those are rather nice boooooooobs !!

And people still ask me what do I want to go and live in Taiwan for…

It seems that the page is currently unavailable…

quote[quote]Anything more than a mouthful is a waste. [/quote]

Does that apply to a nice porterhouse steak or Alaskan King Crab?
Rather drive a mini instead of a 1958 Cadillac with fins?
That 12-inch TV is good enough for you?
“I don’t need a raise; I make just enough as it is…”
The Grand Canyon would be nicer if it wasn’t so big.


By the way, for those of you unable to view these highly pornographic, tastless, facile, un-Christian and scandalous photos…here’s the skinny:
COPY and PASTE the address into a new browser window. You will get the message that the page doesn’t exist.
Next, put the cursor in the address and change the number of the pic from 1 to 2. (or to a different number)-- only change the number of the pic.
Hit enter.
If the pic is corrupted, hit the refresh button.

Well, it works for me…

Before I can properly express my outrage and disgust,I need to see at least 10 more examples…PLEASE???

I’m with OBrien. A handle like “selang” and you only managed to get three pics? Any true selang would have got many, many more. I hope you’re not holding out on us – kittens need to die!

I think that these pictures are disgusting and degrading, but to determine just how disgusting and degrading they are, I too need to see more.

I am highly offended already, but obviously not half offended enough. Any more such scurrilous offensive indecent unwholesome fare (slaver, slobber) and I will be forced not only to look at it but quite possibly save it on my hard drive to offend myself with it later on ! Disgraceful !

I concure with the above posters. What happened next? Did the cops come and spoil all the fun? Did the girls remove more clothes and dance completely naked? Were they so drunk they fell off the bar and had to be wheeled away?

Originally posted by selang: Copy and paste links into seperate browser

Selang, can you explain to me why you need to do that, and how did you know?

Well, by the sounds of all the above postings, life in Taiwan really does turn otherwise normal men into desperate lechers! If only we could get some real big-time strip clubs opened here! Then you guys would be less astounded and more likely to actually sleep around instead of dream about it…

Anyway, does anybody know whether or not it is legal to open a strip club in Taiwan? I have no idea, but it is long long overdue… We need to teach these women how to take their clothes off without humiliation! Be natural… I shout a loud “bravo” to the young ladies for their audacity …

Originally posted by popo: I shout a loud "bravo" to the young ladies for their audacity ...
You mean "Brava"... [img]images/smiles/icon_wink.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/icon_razz.gif[/img]

Taipei doesn’t need a strip club, it just needs what it appears to have - a good pub, where people have fun and go a bit wild. I’d rather see a couple of girls being carefree than a bunch of Russian “exotic dancers” any day.

What happened to Selang anyway? Was his a troll post? Did anyone figure out where the place is? Has anyone else been there?