Coyote Ugly on top of Core Pacific

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Selang, can you explain to me why you need to do that, and how did you know?

With sites on Geocities or Tripod, it’s usually impossible to link directly to images. I’ve heard it’s to keep porn sites from setting up photo banks on their servers…but I really wouldn’t know anything about that.

Would it be legal or not to open a strip club with local exotics? Why not? There must be a thousand perfect women out there willing to shake their booty to turn us on?! Why not! Where’s your joi de vivre?

The question is, can we legally open a strip club here? That’s all I want to know…

I’m pretty sure its illegal, but… so are barber shops, no pantie tea houses, etc., and there are still plenty of them around.

Last time I saw a stripper (actually 2) was last year at the funeral of a friend’s father. I kid you not.

That’s what I want at my funeral.

Do they wear mini-skirts over the no-panties? Can you bring me along to one of these joints? Maybe we can be allowed to nod under their minis for a taste? Maybe I should move to Bangkok to revive, I don’t know…

I don’t want a funeral with strippers – I want the f-----n’ stripper while I’m still kickin’… There must be some place we don’t know about in San Chung, some locals only place, some dug under hidden secret nudie, sex-in-the-alcove disco somewhere in this town…

Minis over the no panties, yup. Last one I saw was in Tainan, but the skirt part was OK, as long as you sat downstairs, because the ceiling was made of glass. True. Lots of frustrated guys with sore necks in that joint!

Just thought this needed to be brought to the top of the forum again. Any more pictures coming?

More photos at

Hey sandman - I am stuck in Tainan for a week - where can I find one of these teahouses?

hey Selang,

Nice pics of Taiwan there. Thanks for sharing.