Cozy date spot for a Friday night

The unimaginable has happened and my man and I both have Friday off. So we are going on a gasp date. And I want to take him somewhere cozy and quiet… in Taipei. Is this possible? Give me good spot suggestions. Mind you, it doesn’t have to be a bar type place. Neither one of us drink.

Off-topic but is Friday officially a public holiday with shut banks? I have tomorrow off too.

I am not sure. Neither one of our jobs are affected by national holidays. (I work on Sundays)

Alleycats. Or have you been there too many times?

Never been there. Describe it to me.
Also, we already have dinner plans. I am looking post-dinner place.

How about having a movie at your place with some candles, fresh flowers, and blankets all laid out before you go out for dinner. Some drinks and snacks in the fridge. Once you come home from dinner you can surprise him with a movie at home and cozying up on the couch (or floor). Turn the lights down, light some candles.

Nothing beats romantic movie/cozy nights on a Friday. Good luck on your date! I know it’s not often you two get to spend QT together.


Mmm … There’s nothing like QT on the floor. :wink:

Mmm … There’s nothing like QT on the floor. :wink:[/quote]
With a shock frozen Pizza? :wink:

Well, as much as my roommates are both seriously sexy girls, I don’t really want to include them in my date. So… you know… not a good idea.

Now I REALLY have to find something nice to do for him. He is cancelling a job so that he can go with me to my dr because I am scared of needles. I get shots for my acne. I get them once a week and should be used ot them. But he is going to hold my hand. He is the sweetness sometimes.

It astounds me to think that I can’t think of a single good date place that I would take a date to…if I ever went on a date. Maybe go to something like a SPA where you can get into a hot tub together if it’s that kind of relationship. Or get a hotel room for a kick if you are the kind of people who would NEVER do such a thing. Roleplay a bit. Run a big bubblebath and read to each other.

Or if you get enough of that stuff take some candles, blankets, etc. and go lie down in Da-an park and just chat. My ex and I used to go play on the children’s toys there. Lots of fun.
Go to the Haagen-Daz store and pig out on your favorite flavours after dinner. Get on any bus and get off every time you see something or some place interesting that you haven’t really explored. Buy something silly, like those eggs with anime toys inside or a single flower. Take a digital and take slightly risky/sexy photos of each other in public places. Ask random passers-by to take photos of the two of you kissing or holding hands.
Look at the moon.

Quiet time at the tea place next to the Xindian Bitan suspension bridge or one of the cafe’s along the Danshui river. If you’re really adventurous and the weather cooperates, which it doesn’t look it at the moment, Maokong tea shops near Muzha. Check for Mucha Man’s posts in the Travel Forum for those places. He’s written a lot about them. It’s very nice up there.

Far Eastern Plaza lounge bar at the top (Marco Polo I think it’s called); they also serve coffee and tea. Not cheap though, in particular the fruit platter which is a bit stingy with the fruits for NT350.

In House lounge bar behind Neo19 (beside Warner Village in Xinyi) is nice, too, especially the outdoor seating.

The revolving restaurant atop the Beitou garbage incinerator. It’s a lot better than it sounds, really. Take the MRT to Shipai and cab over. One revolution takes an hour, plenty of time to drink a pot of tea, snuggle, and enjoy the schmaltzy piano performance and the night view of the Tianmu/Beitou area.

He had an emergency at the studio :frowning: so we spent our date with him on the phone for most of it. Then after dinner went back to try and get things sorted.
Which is good cuz we have to retry for a weeknight so there will be quiet places! Wooot!

Damn, it’s bad dating the kind of person that has the kind of job that forces him to leave his cellphone on during dates. Better luck next time.

Ok, it’s Saturday as I post this, so I’m either late or really early. But, I think a nice place to include (don’t know if I’d want to make it the whole date) is the coffee place in the Mitsukoshi (sp?) Building, on the 46th floor, near the train station. It’s not a bad atmosphere at night and now that the observation area at 101 is open, it’s even less busy than before. The only problem is they don’t have alcohol and I generally need that included to have a prayer of having a successful date :blush:

Well, in his defence, I also leave mine on. And I also answer business calls on dates. Honestly, I should have started datinng people in my same industry years ago. While I am having to learn to be patient with his work coming first, it is nice to have someone who understands when I do it.
I always bitch about the things he does, but I am the one who left a two week resort that he had planned so that I could come back to my office after only having been there for 4 days.

I think he is just busier because he is more successful.

I wasn’t really trying to attack the guy…some jobs do require that you leave the cellphone on. Actually having cellphones can sometimes give people more time together, more freedom.
For example, my father is an estate agent. The busiest time can be over weekends and holidays, and after hours, because that is when other people have the time to cruise around for houses. However, he can take a Sunday off to go to the beach (a 45 minutes drive away), even for a week when I visit once a year, because having a cellphone gives him that freedom.

Just being curious…which of the plans offered so far has been closest to your idea of a good dating spot?

TheBiggestNose’s quiet coffee shop.

My man talks very softly. And both of us are uncomfortable in crowds. Because we don’t go on nice dates very often, I don’t care about how much money we spend when we do.