Cozy date spot for a Friday night

[quote=“SuchAFob”]TheBiggestNose’s quiet coffee shop.

My man talks very softly. And both of us are uncomfortable in crowds. Because we don’t go on nice dates very often, I don’t care about how much money we spend when we do.[/quote]

Then the Mitsukoshi 46th? floor coffee shop might be right up your alley. Like I said, hardly anyone bothers with that view anymore now that 101 is open, so not too crowded or noisy for quiet talkers. But, the coffee is still a tad over-priced so you can still spend a lot :laughing:

Just kidding, but seriously, good luck on your quest. :slight_smile:

You can try french cuisine in 喜來登 (used to be called 來來),not the best, but just don’t remember the name of the other one. The chef does have some creative ideas, you should enjoy a good meal there, it will probably end up roughly 3000NT a person (haven’t been there for years, so don’t know exactly). After that you guys can consider a hotel room thing, or if that’s not the idea, drive to Mucha (木柵,Mucha) or 陽明山(might be too popular, i.e. too many people). You guys can just stay there for a little while, nice and cool in the night. You can find more seclusive spot in Mucha if you know the ins and outs in that place (haven’t been back in years, so can’t tell you exactly where it is either :blush: ). Finally, find a way to kick your roomates out for a day, they should be considerate enough, so you and your man can stay for a night (or you can go to his place).