CPA for US citizens in Taipei?

Hi. Can anybody recommend a Taipei-based US CPA for estate/tax/financial planning services?
I’ve seen some recommendations on these boards, but they have to do with immigration or setting up a business, etc.

What about Joseph Ni? He advertises on these boards, sometimes?

You can search for him, too.


I just went to a CPA last week to ask about registering my own foreign-owned limited company. I was referred by a co-worker.

Mr. David Hsiung (You can call & just ask for David)

The first CPA I went to was Ms. Hu (mentioned elsewhere on these forums, I forget where). She wanted to charge me 60,000, which I thought was too much, because I knew that rates for local companies were between 20-30,000.

Mr. Hsiung charged me local rates. I was so grateful that I offered to pay him slightly more than he was asking for. He refused.

He speaks English pretty well (but I mostly used Chinese).

Sorry about that - didn’t read the US etc. part!

Can I go to one of theses US accountants and have them file my taxes for the past 5 years?

Thanks for the info. I wrote Joeseph Ni (on his website) but he never responded. If anyone has worked with him on these sorts of issues before (i.e. personal/estate financial planning, not business planning), please let me know.

I went to Joseph Ni once for information on legalising a school, but he ended up lecturing me on the nuances of managing the finances. We’d operated a small school for two years by then already, and we’d watched several author business collapse because of finances. We already knew that it was important…

Didn’t come away with a ‘great’ impression. Perhaps we were just too small for him… No, multi-million dollar deals with us, I’m afraid. Not then, anyway.