CPA / Lawyer recommendations for company setup

Dear fellow Forumosans,

Can anyone recommend a company/CPA firm/Lawyer who can help foreigners setting up a local company?
I saw some recommendations in other topics but they are all from couple of years ago so I was thinking to start a new topic for a more up-to-date discussion.

It would be also great to hear about your experiences about the process.

Thanks a lot in advance!


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Hi. Here is the CPA I recommend and use. He speaks English. Rates are reasonable.

Here you go! This is my lawyer and he speaks English. For everything else…in case you get into a dispute. He gives discounts on repeat services too. Good guy to know, personable.


Thanks a lot! Appreciate it!

No problems. Feel free to call/email them and ask questions.

I run a company here.

I do US taxes, and soon tw payroll services. I’m not an attorney or CPA, but a US Enrolled Agent. I’m actually calling Marco’s guy soon.