CPBL headed down the tubes?

Another one bites the dust. The Chinatrust Whales are no more. Chinatrust has moved to disband the Whales in connection with game-rigging scandals associated with some of its players. The Whales join the dMedia T-Rex team in the CPBL garbage bin, leaving the league with just 4 teams. The league has been plagued by 3 game-rigging scandals in the last 10 years or so. I wonder, is this it for the league?

Taiwan has always had such a strong baseball character over the years, I wonder what the future holds for professional ball on the island.

Are there any CPBL fans around that can shed some light on the situation, what might happen moving forward?

CPBL should disband. I have been watching it since grade 3 and the business hasn’t changed much. Nothing works. marketing, branding, management, nothing works

Instead of 6 mediocre teams, I rather see them regroup into 2 teams and join the Japanese pro-yakkyu. CPBL has already become a minor league of Japanese pro-yakkyu anyway. I think Taiwanese fans can support 2 good teams.

The bottom line, CPBL doesn’t know how to make money, yet the owners refuse to learn from the Japanese.

Just keep the damn gangsters out of the game. Is that so hard?

Now the Japanese have a team in Taiwan’s league, how poetic!

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Holy grave dig, OysterOmelet

I must have too much time.