CPBL Playoffs


I really hope they will get pick up by other team next season (If there’s no evidence of game-fixing). Fubon supposedly to have interest in Chiang and Chen before the whole “game-fixing” allegations from gossip magazine.

There’s news today that Chen is going to ABL. I guess ABL will be a place to showcase themselves to other CPBL teams.


The Asia Professional Baseball Championship’s series opener is tonight between Japan and Korea. Taiwan will play Korea on Friday and Japan on Saturday.


Nayaw Ake’s first ABL AB. Base hit to the opposite direction with one RBI.


Winter League is going on. Japan sent 3 teams this year, NPB West, NPB East, and Japan Amateur Baseball Association. Korea sent 1 team as usual. There’s also a WBSC team made up of European, American and Latin American players.

In a game between JABA and NPB East, a junior high student threw a historical first pitch. The first time in Taiwan that the first pitch was thrown to second.

The awkward silence and the catcher’s confusion is pure gold… Perhaps the only first pitch she’d ever seen was by I-Rod.


I don’t understand how this happened :joy: was there someone even on 2nd?


I think she was confused after her 2 minutes dance routine looking at the outfield camera. Probably thought she supposed to throw towards the camera :slight_smile:

It’s adorable


In Winter League this year, so far Taiwan is leading in all team stats, hitting, pitching, fielding, Taiwan No. 1. However, it’s No. 3 in ranking.

What is wrong with Taiwan’s management style?


Idk. Taiwan’s managers always make the worst decisions or indecisions. And they make so many mental errors. I’ve seen some BS I’ve never even seen in my entire life of watching baseball. Watching someone get picked off at 3rd during the universiade was one. Fielding mental errors are horrible, zero discipline. Also they play like phssies. Slide hard into 2nd damn it and take the guy out. Play some hard nose baseball like your life depends on it for once. They are too nice and gentle. They also seem to be too fixed on playing players on seniority. And stop smiling all the damn time, and looking at the ump like a dumbass like “what…” when they fuck up. I’ve yet to see anyone get fired up over something. Their whole body language looks like a bunch of losers even before the game starts. All of that is on the managers and coaches.