CPBL the only league to have opened in 2020


That crack was super loud too.

He’s tied with Takahama for the team lead in HRs.

My biggest hope is for him to continue next year.

I think the fact that Takahama bats behind Wang even though he’s got a higher batting average shows the Fighters take their analytics group seriously. Wang has a higher OPS.

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Come for the baseball legends, stay for the g…olf.

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Either these Japanese bands are trying to get Taiwanese fans, or Bojung is a real chic magnet.

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Holy curvature on Bojung’s double batman!!! Almost a boomerang.

I finished not long ago. Robert Adair’s Physics of Baseball and he attributes to the clockwise (looking from the top) sidespin on the batted ball towards the foul line.

(The following is from a right-handed hitter’s perspective):

In the explicit calculations, I assume implicitly that the bat is swung approximately in a horizontal plane. Then the ball pulled by a right-handed batter toward the left-field foul line will strike the bat at an angle of about 20 degrees from normal and the ball will spin counterclockwise, as seen from above, as it leaves the bat…[T]he ball carries an initial sidespin (clockwise, as seen from below by the third baseman) of about 2400 rpm. I find that the ball, passing over the third baseman a few few inside the bag, curves about 12 feet foul at the 325-foot foul pole and lands in the stands 385 feet from home plate, now “foul” by near 25 feet.

Robert Adair, The Physics of Baseball (New York: Perennial, 2002)

By the way, it’s looking more likely that his contract won’t be renewed. Not a bad season: 9 HR, 20 doubles in less than 300 PAs and only about 250 ABs, second on the team in OBP and SLG behind Mr. IF IT DOESN’T GIVE YOU JOY, THROW IT AWAY. I’m a little sickened at Kuriyama for not starting him enough.

I hope a good agent can help him find a minor league contract, because the CPBL is a joke for him.

When the team did start him more often, Wang would hit a slump after 4 games. Along with Kuriyama’s low score for Wang’s fielding ability, I guess that’s what ultimately held back his PA.

I also don’t think Wang would take a minor league contract. If he ever wanted to drag himself through that grueling ordeal and endless overnight bus rides, he would have done it 3 years ago, when he was still young and healthy.

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Perhaps, but Rakuten is telling him not to come back, that he deserves to play at a higher level.

The best case for Wang would be some other NPB team giving him another chance.


Here’s one interpretation of events.

¡Buenas noticias!

600K salary + incentives, not bad. Fighters front desk know what they’re doing.

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Hong-ki’s nephew can hit 97 mph.

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I just watched Team Taiwan route the Dominican Republic in the U12.

We have a black kid on our team (歐). Dad’s from South Africa, mom’s from Penghu.

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There is a half Taiwanese half Japanese kid on team USA. All his Taiwanese relatives came to cheer for him.

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That’s awesome he gets that kind of support. I hope they cheer for the USA when they play Taiwan.

Wonder if his Japanese relatives traveled too.