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Is there any interest in trying to organize a group buy of CPI’s new 250cc?

Sandman or Plasmatron, did you buy one yet? If not, you two, me, is three, I bet we could get to 5 and T$85K each.

EDIT: Subject line changed to reflect the treasure in this thread.

I won’t be getting one until I’ve heard some reviews. Probably around the beginning of the summer.

That timing is OK with me… and I agree, a review or two is a prereq.

offroad.un-limit.net/viewtopic.p … hlight=CPI

Apparently they have a review in chinese but you have to register.

dogma, welcome to flob. As we discussed through PM, the content on the linked Chinese site is marketing stuff, vs. a review. As of today, I still haven’t found a review of the CPI 250cc SM.

Sorry guys I just got feedback from a Journalist friend who contacted CPI to try arrange a test ride for a review, according to him the SM250 will not be available in Taiwan, nothing out of the ordinary if you consider they didnt release the GTR 180 and PGO did not release its G-max 250 to the local market.

If you like you can call CPI on the number shown on their website and speak to them yourself I have spoken to them before and found them quite helpful.

Very sad…I really don’t know which local manufacturer the Taiwanese government are trying to protect with their horrific motorcycle import barriers because the local manufacturers are not releasing anything here that imports would be competing against.

I know of at least one that has been purchased…ian23, Mordeth, myself and a few others ran laps with it one weekend at the track. It had legal plates and was purchased in Taipei for around 100k.

Dig a little deeper…They’re around.

Digging…has anyone actually found a dealer willing to sell this bike?

I know of at least one that has been purchased…ian23, Mordeth, myself and a few others ran laps with it one weekend at the track. It had legal plates and was purchased in Taipei for around 100k.

Dig a little deeper…They’re around.[/quote]

And can you give us your impression of it?

and after further digging an email directly from CPI:

From: CPI Patricia [mailto:pwei@cpi-motor.com.tw]
Sent: 05 March 2008 01:37 PM
To: Mike Papa
Subject: Re: Inquiry (from Taiwan Commerce)

Dear Mike,

Yes, the Supermoto 250 will be available in Taiwan market within coming months and currently is still waiting for launch approval from the domestic Enviromental Bureau after we passed all the tests. Sorry to say that we can not expect a definite date from government officials.

Once we have any good news, we will keep you informed.

Thank you for your kind patience.

CPI Motor

According to this perhaps the SM250 seen at the track was not legitimately licensed?

TERRIFIC NEWS. SymKym knees are rattling.

I doubt that. I have it on very good authority that Sym are bringing out a new scooter. It will be green, it will have cornering scrapers fitted AS STANDARD! and it will have blue leds all over it. That’ll be more than enough to grab market share.

They should be…

Yes, to reduce the population of pedestrians who dare to step off a curb at an intersection whenever the “Chariot of Death” approaches. I assume the scrapers are retractable for ease of parking and squeezing up to the starting line.

CPi sent me some pictures today I have hosted them here:

aycu36.webshots.com/image/44755/ … 552_rs.jpg

aycu26.webshots.com/image/46465/ … 496_rs.jpg

aycu13.webshots.com/image/45452/ … 498_rs.jpg

From email:
…Since the bike is not yet in sales (not before receiving approval certificate from local Environmental Bureau), there is no bike test/review can be found in internet. However we did have attended some domestic shows to make the first move and also the bike won the championship in Longtan TSR race track on July 8, 2007. Attached pls find some photos.

Looks like that little bike could be a lot of fun! I’m excited again. Can’t wait for a review.

It is a little bike isnt it :slight_smile:

I noticed however that the Pics I got from CPI are of an SX250 on SM250 Wheels, no biggie though since the bikes are identical save for the Wheels, Fork and Swingarm markings, the look of the front disc and the Paint job.

Even so, i hope they do release the SM as advertised as I feel that those small differences help it look alot nicer than the SX.

I’m guessing the SX is 21" front, 17" rear, and the SM is 2 x 17".

News from CPI:

This is to inform you that CPI SM250 finally receives the Taiwan homologation certificate and will be launched in May 2008.

What about the SX? Also homologated?