Craigslist psycho-killer

Interesting case right now about that handsome, young med student and grandson of a lawyer, who was engaged to be married in a month or so, who may be a sexually perverse serial killer, and gambling addict. First he was arrested for murdering two women he hooked up with through the “casual encounters” section of craigslist. Apparently he robbed them both and then went out and blew it all on gambling. Now it’s being reported he had a big stash of panties and other such stuff in his room.

Strange when a guy who appears to be very bright, handsome and on the track to a good life, turns out to have a totally dark, demented secret life hidden beneath the surface.

Here he is in custody

And here in better times, preparing to become a doctor

[quote]The bombshell revelation that accused Craigslist killer Philip Markoff allegedly kept a secret stash of panties in his apartment and a gun hidden in his copy of “Gray’s Anatomy” had investigators yesterday zeroing in on a deeper, darker motive behind the depraved rampage.

“There are various items of all kinds of ilk that we feel are connected to (the) incidents . . . that are subject right now to forensic examination,” said Lt. Detective Robert M. Merner, referring to what one source called creepy “mementos” allegedly discovered in Markoff’s Quincy apartment. . .

A Suffolk County prosecutor argued Tuesday that Markoff set up a masseuse appointment with Brisman after contacting her via Craigslist, arriving to rob her at gunpoint at the Copley Marriott April 14. Prosecutors say she was bludgeoned and shot three times at close range, one bullet piercing her heart.

Markoff is also charged with the April 10 armed robbery of a 29-year-old Las Vegas prostitute who was staying at the Westin hotel in Copley Square when she was attacked. That woman, Trisha Leffler, was also contacted by Markoff via Craigslist, prosecutors have said. . [/quote]

Reminds me a little of Ted Bundy, handsome law student convicted of killing a few dozen women.

Wonder what his fiancee thinks of him now.

I read that initially she was highly sceptical and was saying “you got the wrong guy.” His family appears to be genuinely shocked and surprised too. But I get the feeling substantial evidence will mount and eventually they’ll all believe it and the fiance will be largely relieved that she got away alive.

Incidentally, I had never checked out craigslist, in particular the “casual encounters” section, till after reading about this case. Interesting. Lots of folks blatantly soliciting sex there. I guess it’s legal, maybe, if there’s no money involved so its not prostitution, but I’m betting there will be new laws and prohibitions in the near future on people blatantly soliciting sex through online forums basically set up for such purpose.

Another funny thing about craigslist, check out casual encounters in SF or NY or LA or some other big city and you’ll find loads of men AND women eager for quick, no-ties sex. But check the Taiwan site (in the hetero section anyway). Ha ha ha. Just a bunch of horny foreign guys looking for local women to screw; not ONE local lady looking for men. :laughing:

Lots of freakazoids on craigslist. All is not what it appears on the ads.